Monday, May 31, 2010

Swim Little Fishy

Bailey got to go swimming at Nana and Pop's' (which is Kylie's Mom and Dad) three times this weekend.  Sid took her Friday evening while I was still almost dead, then I took her Sunday and we all got to go today.  When Sid got home with her Friday he said we were going to have to do something because she did not want to be held in the pool.  She loves her some Mason Whitehead and she wanted to be right with him.  So Saturday, while we were in Jackson, we picked her up this float swimsuit thing, that now has the tag back on it, waiting to be returned, better in theory than in reality, but anyway, when I took her Sunday she cracked me up kicked and bucking and wanting to stay right up next to Mason.  She also swam some back and forth to me and Nana and does not mind going under at all.  She can kick her arms and legs but I guess is still a little young to learn to put it altogether.  (I have no idea why this thing is typing in underline!)  The swimsuit floaty thingy still requires she keep her balance or she rolls over in it and ends  up face down and can't get back over.  So we've retired it already for the summer.  And FYI arm floaties are too big still for her.  I guess technically, to the swimming world, she is still a baby!

Here she is when we got there today, all greased up, including her hair and scalp!

I have a few other swim suits for her that have those sleevs that are suppose to be good for not getting too much sun, but yesterday I notcied they make her have a farmer's looking tan and we can't have that with all the cute summer dresses lined up!

Here she is doing some swim moves with Nene.  Don't ask me why her hair looks so red, I think maybe just the way I adjusted the color.

How cool is she in her shades!  We have much better luck getting her to keep them on than a hat!

And I forgot about the BALL until I just put this picture on.  When we pulled up to their house today, she was yelling for Bop (Kylie's dad who is really called Pop) and BALL.  The girl loves her some ball.  Her daddy finally bought her her first ball the other day, a pink one nonetheless, and I have ruined him because he informed me he cleaned in off with wipes before he brought it in the house.  haha!  How funny!

Finally, just some pictures of her Mae.  We went to Jackson Saturday and did some shopping and spent some time with Sid's grandmother.  My child woke up early Sunday morning yelling for Mae.  She loves him and is just beside herself to be with him, no matter what they are doing.  Hopefully, we will get in lots of swim time this summer!

I think she could have fallen asleep if it was quiet enough!  She didn't get much of a nap, but alas, she is still awake here beside me, lauging at the pictures I'm putting up and watching Bachelor with me! 

Sid's grandmother is really sick, she has a bad head and chest cold.  But we still went to visit with her Saturday.  Naturally, she is a having a tough time.  We had eaten a big lunch prior to getting to her house but it was supper time when we got ready to go and we knew we were just going to eat something fast.  Thankfully, she wanted to go with us so we went Chick Fil A down the road.  While we were eating a huge storm, with hail and all, blew up.  And so did the beautiful rainbow.  I didn't say it because I didn't know how appropriate it would be and sometimes I say the wrong things at the wrong time, so I didn't say, but I thought it might be Pappaw smiling at the good time we were having!  Kylie snapped this with her iphone!
It's the first rainbow I've seen in a long, long time!

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