Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bailey, Babies, and Storms

So, I can't believe I let a whole week go by without posting, but it was an odd week. 

Monday, I was a little under the weather, not feeling too great.  Tuesday, I don't really remember anything great and wonderful about Tuesday.  But on Wednesday, our county, along with just about every other county in Mississippi and every county between here and Blount County, was hit by an F3/F4 tornado.  Fortunatly, in town, where we live, there was no damage.  There was no damage out where Nene and Jerry and Mammie and Kyle and Ben live.  But on the other side of the county, it looked like a bomb had been set off.  I've never seen destruction like that up close and personal, and hope I don't ever have to again.  It was little much for this double hormonal girl to take.  One family in our county lost every single one of their chicken houses, which was their sole income.  We heard over the weekend that the President did not declare our county a disaster area, so they can't seek federal assistance, and insurance will only pay to build back less than half of what they lost.  Unreal!

Anyway, we lost power during the storm.  So we went to get something to eat in town and then Sid rode us all around the county.  We were gone for about 2 hours.  When we got home, I gave Bailey a bath by the light coming through the window.  And then it started to get dark, and hot, and we decided to load up and go spend the night at Jerry and Nene's.  I thought that was just a huge inconvience to have to spend the night somewhere other than home on a school night and have to pack up a change of clothes and go somewhere else to spend the night. I quickly was reminded that #1 I had a place to go, but not only that, I had a place, a home, to come back to.  Many people don't after these tornadoes.  I had my family, all of them, and after the storm that hit our area, we know that one family is minus 3 memebers now.  I had clothes to gather up and some people have nothing after the storm.  Our power was back on the next morning, and there are still people in Mississippi and Alabama with not only no power, but home to get power back to.  And lastly, I remembered that I had family who we could go to and some families had lost everything and were all displaced in unknown places.  So when I laid my head down on the cool, clean pillow, next to my husband, with the power and air running, with my daughter down the hall with her beloved grandmother, I was thankful and felt like the most blessed girl in the world.  I am saddened at what these storms have done.  Sid had three funerals Saturday, all victims of the storm, all from the same family.  How sad would that be?  Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are surely with everyone we know and don't know in these two states who will one day come out on top again.  I saw someone posted on facebook today that there might be families still without power, but if they had Jesus, they had real power.  The power of the blood!  I say AMEN to that!!!

We've been thinking for a few months now as to what we will do with Bailey's room and what we will do with the babies' room.  Bailey will move to the other bedroom and the babies will take her room (that she never used) and share a room.  These babies hae to sleep in their own beds.  We have no choice.  We can't all 5 fit in one bed, nor do we want to.  So, thanks to Maggie, I was introduced to the idea of buying furniture cheap from like yard sales or craigslist and then re-doing them to make them into what you want them to be.  So I've been on the lookout for pieces for Bailey's new room.  Friday, on the way home from school, I noticed a cabinet type piece of furniture at a re-sale place and stopped to look at it.  It was the perfect piece for something at our house.  I think we will either add more shelves to it and us it as toy storage (it has doors and is meant for a TV, but it's not a huge piece of furniture.) or we will hang a rod and use it to hang clothes.  We might add another shelf and put baskets in it along with the rod.  And it has a drawer at the botthem.  I'll try to remember to get a picture of it.  So I ended up calling Sid and he came and liked it too, so we go that and a 3 drawer night stand that we will re-do for Bailey.  We have a bed we will be getting from mother that will be perfect for what I envision Bailey's room to look like. 

Anyway, we were late getting home Friday evening and I guess Bailey had played outside for the better part of 8 hours at school.  She was nasty when I got her home.  I tried to clean her up, but she was still a little dirty, so after supper, we departed from our regular routine and got a Friday night bath.  She let me snap some pictures of her as she was eating her mac and cheese (which is all she has wanted to eat this weekend).  I promise I had wiped her hands and mouth, she was just extra dirty.

We do have forks and spoons around here.  She just prefers to eat with her hands sometimes.  I say it's a survival technique.  She probably doesn't get any help at school and probably doesn't get a whole lot of time.  So she just shoves it all in the best she can!  She does use a fork and spoon rather well!

Her condition of her outfit is why we have school clothes and nice clothes.  This dress has already been washed and it came sparkling clean, but you just never know what she's going to get in to at school.

While I had the camera out, I wanted to take some pictures of the new babies' clothes that we've gathered so far.  It's an odd feeling to know that when you find something you like, you really need two of them.  We do not intend on dressing the girls alike very much.  But some of these little outfits were so cute, I couldn't resist. 

We got these cute little strawberries "in a pod" from Aunt Amy and Cotton.  She went by the Carter's outlet Monday and brought the baby girls these adorable outfits, which will probably be all they have to wear for a while when they get here based on the size.  They are premie size and SO small.  But that'll be about right, size wise, even though they hopefully won't be premies. I thought they were so cute.  She also bought Bailey a big sister shirt!  Thanks Amy and Cotton!

We got these cute matching bibs from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo two days after we found out the babies were girls.  Aren't they sweet?  This was the first thing the girls recieved!  I love them and can't wait to add their first initial to them!

Someone didn't like me taking pictures of the girls' stuff!

These are the polos onesies we got at the outlet Easter weekend. I thought they were so cute!  They are the softest thing I've ever felt.  Technically, this was the second clothing purchase we bought after we found out the babies were girls.
 These matching smocked bubbles I bought from a place on line, on facebook actually, from a boutique place that sells boutique stuff for cheap. I got these in a newborn size but when they got here, they were HUGE.  I had at first bought them as their coming home outfits, but unless I have two 10 pound babies, that won't be happening.  This was the first purchase I made and I might have done it the night we found out!

We have decided on names, but I'm going to save that for the blog until I tell one more person. We did not decide until yesterday and it's a cute story, so you'll want to stay tuned for that for sure!

I've spend the better part of the weekend trying to come up with some bedding ideas for the babies nursery.  Since there will be two babies and we WILL spend time in their room, I wanted it to be just perfect. I  know I have had pictured in my head and wanted something soft and calm and not loud and shocking. I love the zebra/pink/black look but two beds in one small room looking like that was just too much in my mind. I about didn't find anything I liked for Bailey's room and in the end it didn't matter becasue she never used the room, so I decided I wanted to look at custom bedding so I could pick out the fabric.  Well, let me tell you, some of these people are extra proud of their work.  On ebay, you can get a custom set of bedding for like $300, which would be times 2 for me.  Bedding is expensive, custom or not, don't get me wrong, I know it'll cost money to do two beds.  But I just can't see spending that kind of money on crib bedding.  So I checked Esty.  And even there, prices were what I considered to be outrages.  I finally came across a link for a set of twin custom bedding at a wonderful price, but it was for boys.  I messaged the lady and asked if she any twin girl listings.  She messaged me back and said she only did orders as they came in, so they were truely custom, she didn't just make up some bedding and post it to be sold.  All I really wanted was a bumper, crib skirt, and blanket to match, along with a curtain for one window. I don't really need a ton of coordinating throw pillows becasue they can't sleep with all those pillows anyway, and I don't need custom sheets because I'll have too many sets to justify custom.  So, the lady messaged me back and price for 2 of what I wanted and the deal can not be passed up.  I've sent her tons of pictures of styles and fabrics that I like and she put together a few options for me to choose from, which I thought were perfect. I'm very excited about getting this part out of the way.   Here are the choices she put together based on my ideas of what I wanted.

A1 was a fure sure pick and then I have to pick two or more coordinating fabrics.  When we get it finalized, I'll be sure to share of a picture of that too!

Ok friends, it's been a long day with no nap, but a much needed one on all our parts.  We hope you have a great week, wherever you may be!

Much Love, Barbie

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