Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More About Ellie's Name

My Pappaw called me today and left me a message that not only was my Mammaw's middle name Jane, but her mother's name was Jane.  So Ellie Jane will have two name-sakes after all, her great grandmother and great great grandmother. I  only remember my Great Grandmother as Grandmother Stewart because that is what we called her. 

We still have to decide which baby gets which name.  Guess we'll do that sometime in the next 3 months.  If you missed the baby name announcement, visit yesterday's post!

For now, let me just tell you that if potty training every girl we have is anything like potty training our very strong willed first born, I'm not the least bit interested in it!  haha!  I'd love any kids of ideas anyone has on potty training.  She's not in to the whole "treat" thing and she is interested in going.  It's just not consistent no matter what we try to do.

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Tiphanie G said...

No judgments on my mothering skills, bu here's how I potty trained Jack. First off, I let him run around naked a good bit (yes, there were puddles) so that he could associate the "feeling" with the "action." Then I started giving him stickers on a chart in the bathroom for each time he went even a little. This wasn't working working at first, so I added a "prize" for ten stickers (math skills too, check me out). This didn't prove any more successful until I hung the prizes on the wall. We earned 10 stickers in one day at one point. From there, I gradually weaned him from that practice and moved on to the other business. We still haven't broken from getting gummies when we do the other business, but for the most part, we're accident free. I also must add that I tried on three different occasions to potty train, but he was NOT interested. Once he was, he went from not pottying at Kim's house one week to wearing underwear the next. She won't go to school in diapers, and there's a chance she'll regress when the new babies come, so don't stress over potty business.

Plus, CUTE names! I love 'em!!!