Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nothing To Do With The Price of Tea in China

It's nap time on this lazy Saturday afternoon!  Bailey has her ipod and we're piled up in the bed together.  She'll nap! I won't!  She spent the night with her Mammaw.  We spent the night with no interruptions and slept in past the rise of the sun!  Sometimes the Good Lord sends us rescue just when he knows we need it the most.  And for that we are very very thankful. 

I'm stressed ya'll.  MCT 2 testing is over.  The kids are ready for summer and the teachers are more than ready for summer.  The drive to work and back is getting longer each day.  But in 8 1/2 more work days, I really have no idea what the start of a new school year will bring.  I hope I'm able to start back to school, but what if I'm not.  And what if I can't?  It's not going to be as easy to me and Sid as is it to some on the outside to just say "send em to daycare."  Life still has to carry on when daycare isn't open.  Teaching school and dealing with kids in general is very tiresome and stressful, not to even mention the kids I deal with are special needs kids.  I just cannot wrap my mind around how I will deal with a full time job and a toddler and two infants to begin with.  This is going to be very different than it was with Bailey and going right back to work 6 or so weeks after she was born.  But, the good Lord sends us rescue just when he knows we need it doesn't he?  And for that we are very very thankful!

I should be cleaning out our other two rooms rather than being piled up in the bed for a nap with Bailey.  (Bailey and I have always taken naps together.  That's something else that I don't think will ever look the same in about 15 more weeks.  Something else that will change and makes me sad for me and Bay.)  Anyway, there is much work to be done in getting this house ready for two more living, breathing souls.  I've GOT to get it done and hopefully when school gets out in one and half more weeks, I'll focus some time and energy on that.  It's stressful and overwhelming to thing about but we are thankful for the rescue that the Good Lord sends us just when we need it the most!

I have been wanting to post this song for some time now and thought this would be a good time and place for it.  Those of you that know me well, you know what I think of when I hear these words.  Rescue, that the Good Lord sent me just when I needed it the most!!

And because this whole post has nothing to do with anything, here's one more that I'm loving right now!!

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