Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Feet-Doctor's Visit

I went for my monthly visit today and we have two growing, perfectly healthy girls on our hands.  Both had heart rates of about 132, are measuring about 22 weeks and 1 day, and we for sure know we have 4 feet and 20 toes?  Does that sound like alot to ya'll?  It sure does to me!  I'm trying to upload the video, but all four feet are right at my belly button and the girls like to play footsie.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen for 2 unborn babies.  Baby B is a little bit more rowdy than Baby A and she likes to kick her sister - A LOT!  Baby A just sort of takes it, but she is also on the bottom.  Ya'll please pray that all 3 of  my girls aren't little cut-ups.  I told the tech that whatever Baby B has learned, she has learned from her big sister, Bailey. 

Speaking of Bailey, she has been a bit under the weather this week.  She just randomly started running a high temp in the middle of the night Monday night. I stayed home with her Tuesday and took her to the doctor.  All tests were negative, but she's on an antibiotic.  I don't really understand that, but then again, I'm not the doctor.  She was SUCH a big girl at the doctor.  We talked about it before we went, but she even let the nurse swab her throat with a mouth wide open.  It was a rather pleasant visit as far as sick doctor visits go.  Yesterday, all she wanted was to be held and rocked and sleep.  Sid stayed home with her today and I believe she's felt better.  No fever, so she's headed back to daycare tomorrow.  We only have 6 more days of mandatory school/daycare and the we are home free for the summer. 

Anyway, I don't go back to the doctor until the end of June and at that time will be 26 weeks, which is just 10 weeks away from when Dr. North wants to take them.  I bet I have to start going every 2 weeks then, but maybe not.  He did tell me to make sure that I get plenty of rest on my left side and to take it easy, which Sid will tell you I don't have a problem doing.  He said that lots of women carrying twins have made it to bed rest by this point and since I haven't, I just need to prevent.  He said to listen to my body and when it says to stop, STOP!  I have some swelling, but my blood pressure is perfect so the left side laying should help that.  I will have to do the blood sugar test with in the next 2 visits and get a shot because I'm rh negative.  Fun times, ya'll!  I'm anemic and I need to take an OTC iron tablet, BLAH!!!  The bone down low in a very odd place that hurts is hurting because the bone has more than likely been moved out of place due to pressure and will more than likely only get worse.  GREAT!  (As odd as that sounds, it's normal.)  Each baby weighs a pound and I only gained 4 since the last visit, for a total of ONLY 6 pounds! I can not believe that little fact!  The doctor said that even though I'm only 22 weeks, that pregnancy size wise and symptoms, I am compared to a woman carrying only 1 baby at about 34 weeks.  Scary stuff!  What happens when I get to 30 weeks, I'll be like someone carrying one baby at like 45 weeks.  Again, scary stuff!

But for now, we are thankful that all is looking well.  No problems noted at all on the sono today and I feel good about that.  I've only had one little episode where I had convinced myself that one baby had something wrong with it.  I know that's only in my head, and even if it wasn't, it would be ok!  But everything is looking just great and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy so far!  I better go knock on some wood!

Elissa and Ellie Jane are liable to show out and prove me wrong!

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