Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Months

How in the world did my babies, that were 11 weeks early and born weighing only 4.6 and 5.4 get to be 4 months old??????  Tomorrow they will be 18 weeks old, but on this past Monday, December 12th, they were officially 4 months old.  That gets so confusing.  But anyway, today we went for their 4 month check up.

The babies got 2 shots each and one by mouth.  They did pretty good, but downed a bottle afterwards and then took a great big nap.  They haven't been sleeping too well this week.  They had another change in routine with me back home this week.  But right now they appear to be sacked out.  Let's hope they stay that way.  

So, no new news from the doctor.  We see Dr. Carron Monday and the pedi. is going to refer us to the GI specialist just to make sure we are on the right track reflux wise, but other than that, everything is just fine.  We can start baby food now, and according to Dr. Vinson, they should be eating baby food 2-3 a day.  I am just so scared to screw up a good routine that we have going now and I honestly don't know how you add or change something in the routine with two babies.

Ms. Suzette, the nanny, and I have been kicking around a few options.  Right now, the babies get up about 5:30 am and take a bottle and if it's a weekend day, go right back down.  If it's a school day, I just let them stay up because we are up getting ready anyway.  Ms. Suzette gets here around 6:40 and by that time, Sid, Bailey and I are all ready to walk out the door.  The babies are back asleep by 7:00, and eat every 3-3.5 hours from 5:00 am on.  So they eat at 5:30, 8:30/9:00, 11:30/12:00, 3:30/4:00, and bedtime, which is usually between 6-7.  They generally sleep through the night.  I don't really want to do anything between that 5:30-9:00 time because they generally let us catch more sleep on non-work days.  So I'm thinking around the 2nd and 4th feeds of the day.  But then they still get bottles and neither of them want to wait for it.  So I don't know if we should feed one a bottle, then feed both baby food, then feed the other a bottle or get them both bottle fed and then spoon fed.  I just know that after baby food, both babies aren't going to wait for that bottle. we go again. But you remember that part up there about how the babies generally sleep through the night??? Well, that was all me and me playing around with what worked and didn't.  If I can get two babies to sleep through the night in the same bedroom, then I feel pretty sure I can figure out to table feed two babies.  haha!

Anyway, we did learn today that Miss Elissa is one heck of a girl.  She's not just big, she is long and just pretty much a hefty, healthy girl. I asked Dr. Vinson if I should be concerned and she said absolutely not.  We would do nothing about it but just love her.  So, I guess I'm happy with that answer.

At 4 months, Elissa weighs 16.12  (I really am willing to bet that is off a little.  She just weighed 15.3 2 weeks ago.  She has not started eating more, in fact has eaten less and still gained that much.  That's why no one will take me seriously with her problem.  She can down a bottle and pack the pounds on so she MUST be healthy.)  And at 4 months, Ellie weighs 11.4.  My sweet Ellie, she is going to be crawling before too long.  She gets on that tummy and those arms move correctly. Although she doesn't get into crawling position, she wiggles those legs to the point that they don't have a choice but to move her body.  I expect her to be mobile by 6 months.

And what you are really waiting on......

Ellie cracked me up. She kept looking at Elissa like "oh great, here we go again."  I'm no pro but I do love to snap a picture.  And I'm finding more time and energy to do it.

Happy 4 months old my baby girls!!!!

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