Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Has Begun

Christmas started out great for the Whitehead's this season.  We usually do Christmas at Ne Ne's before Christmas, but not this far before.  This year, because of other things going on and me trying to get to Alabama, and have a bunch of babies, we decided to do it on Saturday so we could get together earlier in the day and not at night.  So we went to Ne Ne and Jerry's on Saturday and Mammie's today.

The babies have done great considering.  It's 7:15, and knock on wood, both are in the bed for the night. We didn't take too many pictures at Ne Ne's house.  I haven't been the best picture taker lately.  I guess my hands are full of other things.  Like babies!!!  Ellie has gotten to where she will not let you put her down and most of the time she wants nothing to do with anyone but me.  As soon as we got there, she started that so Ne Ne got her and held her while she was working in the kitchen.  We started talking about her and laughing about it and looked over and Ellie was sound asleep with Ne Ne carrying her around like that.  

Later, after opened presents and had supper, the babies were playing on the floor.  The big babies had to get on the action, too.  I think they were jealous of Pappaw playing with the babies.

  Elissa was yawning, not screaming!

Today at Mammie's, we went out to take pictures and why we stood in that one spot for pictures when there are acres and acres of land is beyond me.  The sun was brutal.  Kylie and I hate to have our pictures taken in the first place, but alas, some things you just give in to.  Our mother in law is one of them!  haha!  Just kidding, Ne Ne!  

We wanted to get some of just the kids.  Poor Brady had a big job.  He had Elissa and Bailey!!!  Mason just sat and sat and held Ellie and didn't move.  

I wish Ellie was looking in some of these because to me, Ellie looks a lot like Mason.

I thought these next two were cute.  Brady was trying to best to tame a beast, I mean beauty!

This is Mammie with her kids -Ne Ne, Charlette, and Ross.

I wanted a picture of my three girls but didn't get it again today.  Every day I try to make it my mission to get a picture all of all them together so that I can have one from this Christmas, and every year, it never happens.  There are also never any pictures of me, but someone took this on my camera, so I included it to prove I do exist.

We plan to go to Alabama sometime this week, but now that my break has been cut short I don't exactly know what I'm going to do.  Some certain princess has a birthday on Thursday.  I really wanted to be in Alabama for it this year, but I guess we will just see what the beginning of the week brings.  Tomorrow, I take Elissa back to the ENT for a follow up from 2 weeks ago. There isn't really anything new for me to tel him so we'll see what he says this we.  Probably the same ole thing.  Actually, she seems to be a little better, so that's great news.  I'll update when I know something.  

The babies have done terrible since they got their shots on Thursday.  Ellie has run a temp and been super super fussy.  Elissa has done ok.  But both babies are very restless and not sleeping good.  That makes for an awfully long day!  

We hope everyone is having a great Christmas so far!

Be sure to check out the past few posts if you missed them.  Super cute pictures of my baby girls!

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