Saturday, December 10, 2011

Father Time

Slow it down!!

I cannot believe it has been sooo long since I have blogged.  But we are here.  I started back to work.  Yeah, we'll talk about that later.  The babies turned 17 weeks old yesterday, but officially turn 4 months old on Monday.  Sweet Bailey turns 3 in two weeks.  And Sid hasn't been hunting one time this season.  Time is flying by and my babies are growing too too fast.

I could go back and bring you up to speed but I think you'd probably rather me not.  Most of you keep up with us on facebook, too, so you know what we've been up to.  The two biggest things are Elissa's problems and me going back to work.  Elissa has had the quite the issues lately since we've found she has the airway problem.  She at first started coughing and we thought it to be reflux.  Then, about a week later, at Thanksgiving, she started coughing and choking and turning what I thought to be blue. Sid took her to the doctor, which happened to be my first day back at work, and all things turned up negative but she was treated anyway "just in case."  At the end of that week, she was no better, and was in fact, choking and throwing up.  So the doctor thought we should go to children's to be observed and see what might be going on.  We did, only because we wanted the ENT to be brought in on the action, and the ER pedi. said there was no reason for what she was doing other than maybe her airway problems.  So, last Monday we had an appointment with the ENT.  He continued to tell me her airway problem was not severe enough for surgery and surgery would not correct what was happening.  I disagreed, but agreed to give it 2 more weeks and wear the oxygen monitor at home, per his request.  Well, to our surprise, we are currently at almost 4 days with no coughing or choking or vomiting.  So, that tells me that #1, Dr. Carron was right and #2, it was something like either a cold or reflux.  Whatever it was, I hope we don't deal with it again.  It was not a pretty thing.

We were gifted a few things for the twins this Christmas season and this morning I finally had time to get a few pictures of them.  There's also a few with Bailey at Thanksgiving and more recently, along with the Christmas Tree.

I hope I can continue to blog at least 2 times a week, but for now, it's so hectic with me being gone most of the day and coming home to 3 kids.  So far, it's been very doable.  But it doesn't leave much time for things like the computer and the internet.

I hope this post finds everyone having a great Christmas holiday.  I've found myself with tears in my eyes on more than one occasion this season simply because I cannot believe that we have been blessed with so much.  These babies, that were a complete surprise, have for sure taken this family to a whole new level.  Along with Bailey, Ellie an Elissa have our hearts so full that all I can do is still pinch myself to see if this is really my life.

Happy Holidays!!!

Ellie felt much better about herself with the hat off.  But I couldn't resist.  I still have one more thing to do with them for the holidays and of course get some with big sister.  But I thought it was cute.  Eat your heart out poppy T.

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