Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well, we went and we are back.  I'm so glad that I went and didn't back out like I tried to do on Tuesday night.  The babies did just about as good as you could ask, and of course Bailey did great.  We went on Wednesday and got back today, Christmas Day.

I am not able to take as many pictures these days as I would like, but I did get a few this Christmas.  We had to change up Christmas at Mom's this year, too, because of the babies.  We usually to to church and then back to Mom's to eat supper and exchange presents.  This year, we did presents before church, ate a snack, went to church and then back to Mom's to eat again.  I was so excited that it worked out that the twins got to go.  We haven't taken them to church yet, but that's a service where everybody has their small children with them so I didn't figure it would be a problem to have my two infants.  They did great!  I had to get up with Ellie about 10 minutes before the service was over and Elissa made all but about 5 minutes.  That made my Christmas.

Here are a few pictures that I took:

Uncle Will with Elissa and Ellie.

Cute little socks with E's on them that Will and Terrah got for the twins. The bows are just adorable!

Ellie was enjoying watching presents be opened with Aunt Erica.

Elissa was enjoying hanging out with Uncle Bo during the present time.

Erin digging in!

Sweet Andrew digging in!  He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Pappaw enjoying gift time!

Uncle Will enjoying gift time!


OH my!  Just what Bailey needed.  Thanks Uncle Will and Terrah.  Maybe when she gets big enough to shoot it, you can teach her.   For now, it's locked in the gun safe.  She loves it though.  She has told everybody about it.  I'm proud that Uncle Will got to get her the first pink "real" gun.

Ellie was not the best sleeper on the trip because she wanted to see everybody and everything that was going on around her.  She fell asleep in Aunt Maggie's lap watching everybody open presents.

I wanted a picture of the big kids on Christmas Eve.  This was after church and supper and as everyone was leaving to go home and get ready for Santa to come.  This was the best I could get. haha!
  Uncle Will!

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo!

 Will being Uncle Will with the big kids.  He IS a big kid!!

Uncle Chris and Aunt Erica!

Ellie and Elissa's stockings at Mom's house!

Looks like Aunt Maggie and Uncle Will were playing with the camera!  Too funny!  I found this when I was downloading pictures from the camera.  haha!

I got no pictures this morning of Santa stuff.  But Santa came to see Bailey at Mimi's house and at home.  Santa was good to the sweet girl.  Of course, Santa came to see Elissa and Ellie on their 1st Christmas, too! I don't think anyone was lacking in the "getting" department this Christmas.  

This whole week I had the song "Little Drummer Boy" in my head.  It's not a song that we hear that often anymore, but the words just kept playing over and over in my head.  Have you ever really listened to that song?  The little drummer boy goes to see the new born King he is being told of, and told to bring his finest gifts to Honor this newborn King.  But the little drummer boy has no fine gifts, he has nothing worthy of giving to this King. So, he brought his drum and played for Him.  But the part that really rings true to me is this:  he not only just played for the newborn King, but he played his BEST for Him. 

I feel a little bit like the little drummer boy sometimes. I have no possession worthy of giving to the King.   I am worn out and sometimes running on nothing but shear exhaustion.  I hit the floor running in the morning to the tune of two staving infants and when I hit the pillow at night, it's usually right after wrestling with 3 sweet babies to eat and get to sleep.  So who am I fooling?  Not only do I not have anyTHING worthy of giving the King, but I sometimes don't even have anything worthy IN me to give Him.  

But we are so blessed and been given so much.  These babies, as I've said before, are nothing but a direct miracle for the King himself.  Of course, all babies are.  But when I look at all 3 of my sweet girls, I am overwhelmed with the joy they bring me and the fact that the King picked me to be their mom.  When I think about our families, our own Mom's and Dad's, I am overwhelmed by the gifts that they are not only to me, but to my girls, too.  All the aunts and uncles, cousins, great grandparents- such blessings in our lives.  Sometimes I look at Sid and my heart could just explode for all he has given me.  I couldn't have picked a better man to be the father of 3 sweet girls.  Just blessed in about every way imaginable.  

But I feel so like the little drummer boy.  Just poor and ragged and worn out and nothing to give.  This song reminds me that it's ok to feel like I have nothing to give, because I do have something to give to Him. I can give of myself to Him and give my best.  I don't think my best and His best are probably the same. I imagine God to be such a loving God that he doesn't care when I worn out.  I imagine that He's standing by, ready to fill me up when I ask.  I imagine that my best for Him is ok!!! 

"I played my drum for Him.
I played my best for Him.
Then He smiled at me."

I hope that everyone had a King filled Christmas and as we go into the New Year, it is my hope that I can be like the drummer boy.  I might not have anything worthy of giving Him, but I can give of myself.  I might be tired and worn out and poor, not feel worthy enough of giving myself.  But if I play my best for him, I think He'll take it!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Come they told him, a newborn King to see.  Our finest gifts we bring to lay before the King, so to honor Him.  Little baby, I am a poor boy too.  I have no gifts to bring that's fit to give the King.  Shall I play for you?  Mary nodded, the ox and lamb kept time.  I played my drum for Him.  I played my best for Him. Then He smiled at me!

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