Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bailey Turns 3!

I have been trying for over an hour to blog about Bailey's birthday.  Because I'd like to get it up on her actual birthday, for archive's sake, and because this will be the 3rd time I've loaded pictures and the 2nd time I've typed words, I think I will leave most of the wording and just take you through it in pictures.

Most of you know that Bailey was born 4 weeks early and had a terrible start in this ole world.  She was in very critical condition the first couple of days of her life.

The day she was born.

A few days after birth, after she had come off all the breathing tubes and heavy duty machines.

The day she came home, January 1, 2009! Oh how I love that sweet blonde headed girl, Erin.  I realized today just how much I have missed by moving away and it hurts me sooo much!  I love you EK!  You are a shining star and your Aunt Ba loves you sooo much!

Bailey at 1!

Bailey at 2!

Bailey at 3!!

Ahh! I could just eat her up!  

So this birthday, we are Mom and Dad's in Oneonta.  I knew there was just no way that I could have a house full of people at bedtime for the babies and pull off any kind of get together.  So far, we've done just family birthday's on a small scale usually on a week night because everybody's weekends are so full this close to Christmas.  So I brought her home so that Mom could help me out and of course she did a stellar job!  Bailey has had a great day!!  

She kept telling Mom she wanted a Cars birthday cake and I kept saying NO!  Well, guess what???

She got what she wanted.  That is not exactly what Mom intended the cake to look like, but considering she had two infants alone all afternoon, I think she did a pretty fantastic job! haha!

Bailey spent the day making cookies...

at Leslie's house with Erin and Andrew. I'd say she had a pretty good time because when I picked her up, she had an all out fit, I mean kicking, screaming, running out in the rain, didn't want to go fit.  She cried all the way.  I felt so bad for her. But little did she know that Erin and Andrew were coming for her birthday in a little bit to Mimi and Poppy T's house.

Here's another trip down memory lane.  This is the grandkids at Bailey's 1st birthday....

And here they are now...

(it was VERY close to eating time and Elissa had no clue what was going on.)

Andrew loves these babies.  He loved them in October when I was home and he still loved them today.  It's so funny to see him with them.  He wants to hold them and love on them just as much, if not more, than the girls do.  Bless his bones, he is the sweetest of the group!

Here's that sweet blonde headed little girl again, a little bit more grown up and with Elissa.  

And these are just some random pictures from the night.

Mrs. Tina brought Bailey a birthday present (and a gift for the girls) and painted it with her.  So sweet of you  Mrs. Tina.  Bailey had a blast with her new BFF.

Ellie Jane, named after my grandmother, Barbara Jane, who sadly passed away on this day a few years ago. I like to think it has only been a few years, but it has been a little longer than that.  My Mammaw loved  me so and I wished like I've never wished for anything before that she was here to see my twins.  It would tickle her to death that I followed in her footsteps with that!
Maggie with Ellie, all ready for bed!

Ha!  Chris and Maggie don't look any more like brother and sister than Ellie and Elissa look like twins!  These girls couldn't be more different!

Bailey had played hard all day, with no nap, so by cake time she was ragged it looking - but she was so excited when we started singing happy birthday to HER!!!

And finally-blowing out the candles!

I hope you made a big wish sweet girl, and I hope all your dreams come true!  We love you so much and you I never knew that being a Mom was so special until you came along and showed me.  You make our house more lively each second we are blessed to have you in it.  I can't imagine what life was like before there was you!  You are a great big sister to Elissa and Ellie and they love you so much, too!  

And thanks Mom, for making it happen this year!!  I've just had to take a breathe and realize that we are slowed down for the moment.  It won't be long all of my girls can load up and go without having to drag half the house out the door with us.  Sid and I long for that time again!!!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Happy birthday, Sweet Bailey!!! And you know I always love seeing pictures of your family. :)