Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Smiles

So, back before Christmas we had our pictures professionally done.  That's all my dad wanted for Christmas was pictures.  We loved his idea so much that just about everyone got pictures for Christmas.  I wanted to share them here!

Bailey, sweet girl!  These took place like the week I went back to work.  She desperately needed a hair cut and I apparently didn't even realize it!  Such a big girl!  She has since given her paci away and could probably get away with no pull up at night now.  She is such a little mama to these babies and as much as she loves them, I so glad she now has siblings.

Sweet Elissa!  She was still have major breathing problems when these were taken.  I can't believe that her problems are just all gone, just like that. Well, really I can, but you know what I mean!

And Little Ellie!  Nosey Ellie who is going to stare a whole in you before she does anything else.  She just would not smile - only give the stare down look, but that's ok because so that look is so her!
We also had a family picture taken, but I don't have it to share.  These were shared on facebook and I snagged them!

So, we had a bad bad night here last night.  The girls have pretty much been sleeping through the night.  There might be one or two times a night we would have to do something like put a paci back in.  The past few nights, it's been a hot trail from my pillow to Ellie's bed, where she has rolled herself over and gotten mad and wanted to be turned back over.  And last night, they both just really showed out.  Elissa was awake from about 9:30-11 or so, and the only thing I could figure out was that she hadn't taken a nap in her bed and thought maybe that bed time was really only nap time.  She never got out of the bed, but she tried her hardest at it before finally falling back asleep.

And then there was Ellie, who really didn't have a problem rolling over last night.  She was just UP!  And wanted to eat every 3 hours.  We were dying.  Oh course, all this being up led Bailey to be up at something like 5:30, which in turn made her really clingy and crying alot.  When she left with Sid for school, I noticed how red her eyes were, but i assumed that was lack of sleep or too much crying.  Not so!  Sid was great and got her to the doc a diagnosis of pink eye! AHHHH! She is currently at Nene's, where she loves to be these days.  She is going to stay home from daycare and lets pray I'm not reporting more than one with pink eye later!!!!

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