Friday, August 21, 2009

The Germs Are Back

My immune system took a major hit this week. Over this past weekend I woke up one morning with a stiff, stuffy head and couldn't breathe. Instead of getting better with some TLC and rest, it just got worse and by Monday after school I was at the doctor getting some good ole shots. I did start to feel better the next day, but the snot was just so thick and not drying up at all. The doctor had said she wanted me to take Allegra D and I told her I thought I had some at home, but it was not Allegra D. So I called her back to get a script of it and then my checkbook took a major hit when I went to get it filled. For some crazy reason, that medicine was over $70!!! I about fell out in the floor. It has helped but the sad thing is it makes me soooo very sleepy and dries up everything, including my eyes and contacts, and not just my nose. I heard today that there are confirmed cases of the Swine Flu at the county schools here and in neighboring counties. Gosh I hope we do not have to deal with that mess.

It's raining and storming over here on this great Friday night. Sid's gone to pick up Mexican for supper, because he's good like that. And Bailey's been fussy since we got home from daycare. We are going to bed EARLY tonight, because that's how we roll!!!!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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