Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

To me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to Barbie, Happy Birthday to me!!

Yes, that's right. It's my birthday. We've haven't done much today, except church and eat Mexican (since it was my b'day and all)! Sid has done tons of laundry, cause he's sweet like that. Me and Bailey took a good ole Sunday/Birthday nap.

Yesterday, we went shopping in Jackson. They have the best Belk's I've ever been to. It was tax free day and they were having a great sale. The best sale I've ever seen. If you used your Belk's card, you got another 20% off so NeNe offered to let me use her's and just give her cash for it. I got 9 articles of clothing and paid $157. The receipt said I saved $257. Then I got another pair of pants and a pair of shoes for $40. So all in all, I got 10 pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes for $200. That's pretty awesome in my book!!! And Sid's too!!!

The fair is over and I have some more pictures to share. But for now I'll just share a story. I got a new job last week, and it was one of those God things. I got a call from the sped coordinator in the Philadelphia City School System. She told me that she had gotten my name and number from someone and they were interested in talking to me about a job that had come open. I went to talk to them, all the while thinking there was no way I wasn't keeping the job I got offered on the reservation back in April. But once I talked to them, there was just no way that I couldn't take it. The job itself is going to be so good, almost as good as the one I left in Alabama, just without all the special people that came along with that job, and this is the school Bailey will go to when she gets 5. It's high school and the kids go to regular ed and come to my room as they are scheduled for help with their regular work. I'm pumped and we start Tuesday. I'm so excited and was almost giddy as I went to work in my room Wednesday. The school was closed Thursday and Friday for the fair. Tomorrow morning we'll hit the ground running!!

I'll leave you all with a fav pic of mine!!


Jenna said...

First, happy belated bday!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I know you are right and I don't want to be unfair to B by not allowing him to foster other relationships. I need to push myself! I think I struggle because it took us so much and so long to have him and then of course with him being so ill, and not getting to hold him til he was 9 days old...emotional baggage! But I need to move past that for his sake! thanks!!

Shelia12 said...

Happy Late Birthday. I got to play Bailey Boo on Saturday she is so sweet and getting so big. I so Happy for u and your new job. I hate I didn't get to see U and Sid but I had to get the boys back home before they drove me crazy.