Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday In Alabama

Bailey and and I got up and drove to Oneonta to Mom and Dad's this morning. She did really good on the way over and slept about 2/3 of the way. She tried to fuss and we stopped once but not for long. So I was a happy Mama this morning. Cousin Andrew came to play for a bit and they ate some lunch together. They were too sweet. I ended up falling asleep and taking a much needed nap and Bailey swang and swam on the deck with Mom. Dad cooked out burgers and hotdogs and Maggie, Bo, and Pap-paw came to eat. Bailey has had such a great, fun day. She is already asleep in bed. Well, it is almost 9:00 so it's time, but you know.....

I had an excellent week. I mean, way better than I ever thought it would be. I can't put much on here in the way of students just because of privacy issues. But let me just say that this is much, much different because it's high schoolers. I love them, maybe just as much as my elementary babies, but they are very different. They want the door closed at all times so no one walks by and sees them in the special ed room. They don't want any of their text books or supplies marked with sped on them. I asked them to write down three things they wanted to learn this year and I realized my job when one wrote they wanted to learn to take care of their baby's. I later learned "baby's" meant only one baby. It's going to be a great year and I super excited to see what next week will bring.

And the post about the first week of school would not be complete without bragging on Sid. He gets the daddy of the week award. He gets Bay up and dresses her and feeds her and takes her on to daycare so that all I have to do is get myself up and get me ready and out the door and to work by 7:20. So far, so good. But I couldn't do it without him. Of course I've also noticed that Bailey has become more of a daddy's girl this week, so we'll have to see about that!!!!

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Nicole said...

I am so glad your back in the classroom!!

I finally got a classroom! I am teaching in the county k,1,2.

Jay started kindergarten this time...they grow up fast! He is going to Haleyville.

I miss you girl! I miss our talks.

You do have a wonderful husband and child you are blessed and you deserve it!