Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Poor, Poor Boo! (And Sid Too!)

So Sunday I decided to make what we consider to be a staple at the Self Household-chicken casserole. But I discovered that I cannot make it like my mama does for two reasons. Number one being that Sid does not eat it, which leads to number two. That being that since he doesn’t eat it, I don’t have to make enough to feed a small army like my mama does and I’m not used to that so I overcooked it. Bailey, however, decided that it was the yummiest thing to ever touch her tongue. I was eating it for supper last night and was sharing just little bitty bites with her and then all of the sudden it was gone and I went to get her Yo-Baby Yogurt (which is her allll time fav, or was until last night.) And when she realized that she had a bite of yogurt in her mouth and NOT the yummy chicken casserole, she flipped out. I finally put her in her high chair thinking that she would realize it was time to eat HER supper, but nope, she was having no part of it. When I tell you she was mad, I mean I saw the next twenty plus year flash before my eyes of what I will have to deal with when she is upset. She arched that back and threw that head back and got so very mad that she got red blotches on her face. She was THAT mad. So I got her out and rocked her and she feel fast asleep. She was THAT mad. After her little after-the-fit-nap, she went out to swing a little and then got a bath. She is loving her baths these days too since she has quite a plethora of bath tub toys, the newest being those spongy letters and numbers that stick to the side of the tub. She thinks those are grand. Anyway, when I got her dressed, I went and put her in our bed, in the middle of our king sized bed and told Sid I was going to wash bottles. He was looking for some nausea medicine because he thinks he has the swine flu, but that’s a different story. So anyway, I get to the kitchen, turn on the water, and hear BAM! and then WAAAAHHHHHH! coming from the bedroom. Yep, you guessed it, Bailey had taken a head dive off the bed onto the floor and I’m thinking she whacked her head on something on the way down because she kept rubbing. So that just topped off her already bad night and I felt so bad and so sorry for her. She saw it as an opportunity to suck down five ounces of warm milk and be off to bed early. She was just pitiful, but she woke up this morning ready to go and cutting up and smiling like crazy.

So, after I got her in the bed, Sid decides once again that he might have the Swine Flu and goes to lay down with her. Now, I really didn’t think he had the swine flu for two reasons, one he was just outside an hour before doing some weed eating. If I had swine flu, or even thought I did, you can bet I wouldn’t be outside weed eating. And two, he kept saying his head was hurting and when he gets a migraine it’s all over for him. I thought I had bad migraines till I met this boy. Anyway, about 8:30, just when I was ready for bed myself, in my pj’s, contacts out, he decides he needs some Sprite and is just going to absolutely die without it. After he told me that he’d just die since I didn’t want to go get him some, I did go. Apparently Sprite is the cure for Swine Flu because he, too, was up and ready to go this morning right on time. I swear those two are the best things that ever happened to me and this morning when he so graciously got me breakfast and took my car to get it cleaned up I was feeling pretty darn lousy for giving him such a hard time over Sprite!!!

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