Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello October!

So I didn't post anymore in September because I was truly ready for that month to be over and gone. That's sad to wish away time isn't it? But really at the end of August, I clearly remember thinking about how good life was. Work was new and awesome and refreshing and I was doing a great job flying under the radar, Bailey was content and happy at daycare and thriving, Sid is so gracious and continues to drop her off daily so I don't have to endure the separation anxiety moments, but most of all-WE WERE WELL!!! And life was good! Not that life wasn't good in September, but it just stressed me out to the hilt that Bailey got RSV. I mean, I spent the better part of the first half of her life pissing people off with my obsessiveness about her staying away from the people that might could infect her. I sat my tail at home the entire time during my maternity leave for this reason and sat my tail at home all summer so that she didn't get something to compromise an already weakened airway. But life was good, I let my guard down, and she got sick. Unless you have been a parent of a child who has been in the hospital for any extended length of time there is no way you can begin to understand the feelings that I started to feel when I heard the nurse say "her RSV was positive". And I don't mean like PICU hospital stay, that was actually the best part of any stay because she was sedated to the point that she didn't know where she was or what was going on. I mean think about, a 9 month old who just learned she has a new way to explore her world, by crawling around on the floor being stuck in a teeny tiny room, hooked up to an IV, possibly on oxygen, with nothing but a staff-infested hospital floor to crawl around on. I panicked and I guess in my moment of stress, I let my guard down even more and then I went down hill, thus getting flu-like symptoms (I really don't think I had the flu) and strep throat. I know that there are worse things than RSV for any child to have and I'm very thankful, believe you me, more thankful than I could ever express here in writing, that we don't deal with a kind of sickness that is long-term or not fixable or terminal. And hospital stays that are never-ending. OH God are we ever thankful. But I just really couldn't believe we got RSV. I've been holding my breath since that diagnosis. And, shew, finally, here we are, on October 1st. Bailey went back to daycare Monday, I went back to work Monday, and life is good!!!

I was fussed at today by Sid and Pap-paw that I hadn't updated in awhile, but like I said, I've been holding my breath. But we are alive and well. Speaking of Pap-paw, when I talked to him today, he told me he'd been asked to preach the day of Bailey's Christening so that is going to mean even more to me and us.

I still haven't decided what Bailey will be for Halloween. I have only found one thing I really love and it's expensive. I'm trying to talk Sid into paying half of it and I'll pay the other half, but we just haven't agreed yet. Other than that one thing, I haven't even found anything I remotely like. So I just don't know. It's hard the decisions that have to be made when life is so good!! But we'll take these decisions any ole day.

Ok, I have a request, if you read, can you please leave me a comment and let me know you are here. There are somethings I would like to be able to do through the blog, like pediatric cancer awareness month, but don't want to waste my time blogging about it if no one is here reading and can participate.

So anyway, happy fall and may your life be as good as our's is right now!!

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