Monday, October 26, 2009

Is She Beautiful or What???

I still have so much to blog about from the weekend, so many pictures and special things. But, again, for tonight, here's a sneak preview at the most beautiful 10 month old you will ever lay your eyes on.

Mom, Bailey's Mimi, bought her this dress because she knew that she would not have time to make her one since we only gave everyone about 4 weeks notice. So, this dress was not the dress that I was Christened in. Mom monagramed her full name and the date on her slip. This will definatly be an heirloom that we will pass down from generation to generation. Can you but something like this in a shadowbox to display and it preserve itself for use years and years later? I'll have to do some research.

We don't get very many pictures, or any that I know of, as a family because usually I am the one with the camera and Sid is the one with Bailey. But we got plenty this weekend.

I'm working on more posts, more specifically, posts of the whole families, mine and Sid's. Also, sharing about everyone who came to help us celebrate the day. And a surprise that Mimi had made for Bailey, which happened to mean just as much to me as it will Bailey one day. Come to think of it, Mom might have done it for me but gave it to Bailey, hmmm! My Aunt Marianne got some fabulous pictures of the actual Christening and I want to share those. Aunt Marianne, you'll be surprised at just how good you did do! And of course tons of more pictures of the sweet angel in that beautiful dress. So keep checking back daily. It was a big weekend with lots of pictures. Sid and I still are so overwhelmed and thankful for everyone who came from near and far to make the day just perfect.


Val said...

gorgeous! I can't believe she's this big already! Y'all look fabulous.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that first picture. Bailey is absolutely gorgeous.

Beth said...

Aww wee.... BARBIE!

Bailey is gorgeous... your mom did some GOOD work on this dress.. y'all are such a cute little family :)