Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

Today we had Bailey christened at Lester Memorial First United Methodist Church in Oneonta, my hometown and home church. My pap-paw, Rev. Ed Self, preformed the cermony with the help of the associated paster, Tony Jones.

Bailey turned 10 months on the 22nd and I didn't figure when she was born that we would wait this long to have this done. But with her NICU stay and not needing to get out much during the winter months and then being sick and in the hospital for during Spring, and let's not forget the week and half stint in the PICU when she had surgery on her airway, we are just now getting around to doing it. (We already had the date set when she had RSV a few weeks ago.)

But there will be much more to come on the details of our day. For tonight, this post is dedicated to this man.

And let me tell you, if you don't know him, you have truly missed out on a huge blessing in life. Pap-paw brought the house down.

Pap-paw, if you never preach another sermon again, I just want you know how much you blessed the entire congregation this morning. In all my 33 years of attending Lester Memorial, I have never seen so many people come down for alter call. But it's because you don't make people feel like they have to come or that they are a bad person for needing to come to the alter. I myself was touched to the point of tears and as I looked around I realized I was not alone. Oh how you blessed this special day for my daughter and my family, for your great-grand daughter. For all those in need of what God spoke through you today. And you know those needs are many!

We will treasure this day for our lifetimes. We love you more than words could ever express here. You are a man of wisdom, a man God, a man of love. And your grace and love and blessings poured out on us today, Bailey's special day. You didn't just show up and perform a christening like you have done for years and years and years. Your words and sermon and being their for us means more to me, your first born grandchild, than you will ever know. I know you wouldn't have had it any other way, but THANK YOU!!! I am so loved and honored to call you my Pap-paw. I am so honored that you were willing and able to marry me and Sid two years ago this month, and now dedicate our sweet girl to our Lord - to charge us with the responsibility of bringing her up in a Christen household, to remind us of our purposes of raising her to love the Lord and know the Bible. To bring her to church. I love you so much and Sid and I just want to thank you for how you blessed our family this morning, and every day. We love you so much!

PS: Send me a copy of that sermon, would ya?? And be looking for more blog posts soon of other pictures of people who helped us celebrate Bailey's life today. It was a magical experience!

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