Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Acres 2009

Sid and I so badly wanted to go the Pumpkin Patch in Alabama when we were there last weekend with Erin and Andrew. But the rain just had other plans for us and we didn't get to go. I don't know who was more upset, Aunt Maggie or Erin. But I was rather upset myself.

So yesterday we went to Chunky, Mississippi to a place called Lazy Acres. It was first for a lot of things in Bailey's world. Her first time wearing a coat and keeping a hood on her head, the wind was horrible. I just knew she'd be so sick when the day was done. We took a hayride to the bottom of this huge hill where the pumpkin patch resides. Check out these furrowed eyebrows when the tractor cranked up and the trailer started moving.

Once we got to the actual pumpkins, Sid and I laughed about how much she was interested in all the other people than she was us or the pumpkins. She is defiantly the most social baby I've been around.

Bailey loves her some Daddy!

But I promise she is mine too!

We had a great day! They have much more that she can do next year when she can walk like some small step-by-step hay mazes and a choo choo train that is only big enough for the children. There were a few arts and crafts booths set up and of course a country store with mostly Christmas stuff for sell. There were also several photo opps around the place but didn't want to keep dragging her in and out of the stroller so we didn't take advantage of those. Oh, and not to the forget the pig races. That's right, real live pig races. That was first for me! We can't wait to go back again next year. Oh, and we didn't buy a pumpkin because we really don't need one this year. Bailey isn't old enough to participate in carving a pumpkin and Sid decorated the yard all Fall like for her anyway, so we decided to go against the $6 pumpkin. I am going to get a pie pumpkin before the season ends and boil it, take the skin off, and mash it up with sugar and cinnamon for Bailey to try. She'll probably like it though, she eats anything we put in front of her face these days!!

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Jennifer said...

Okay, first I have to say, your daughter is adorable!

Now - this it totally OT, but I don't see an email link, so I'm writing it here. I have to thank you for the comment you left on my blog about my son Christopher! I was just venting, trying to work out some of what was in my head, and you come along all logical and stuff, and actually make sense!

You reminded me that we asked for a picture schedule, and it was never implemented. I will bring that up first thing tomorrow when I take him in. I will also be asking about training for his para and teacher. I don't know that I'll get that - his para isn't officially assigned to him, but it can't hurt to ask.

You were also right in that all of his previous teachers were special ed teachers - ones who had experience in dealing with kids like him. They knew just how to handle it, and while they did send over lots of detailed notes... well, notes don't really translate to hands on experience.

Thank you again for coming to my blog and commenting. It's given me a new resolve, that I'm not in the wrong wanting to push for inclusion for Christopher. Thank you as well for the message board link, I've got it bookmarked.

Not to mention, I've got the link to your blog now too... with such a cute little girl, I'm looking forward to reading more about your family!