Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, sadly, there are no pictures of our Halloween tutu princess. Bailey hasn't been feeling too well this weekend. Apparently she was sick at daycare Friday although I didn't know this until I got there to pick her up. She got sick again on the way home so when I got home, I put her in the bathtub (which just reminded me I'm sure that carseat in my car smells really nice right about not) and then put her in her highchair with some pedilyte and crackers. She fell asleep, poor thing, about 4 and just couldn't wake up. I made the mistake of giving her some forumla around 9:00 and it just came right back up. She hasn't been that sick today, but is just punny and not eating. Jerry and NeNe came to stay with Bailey tonight while Sid and I went to eat and to Wal-Mart. Fun times! I just didn't want to get her out in the wind and most of the people we would go see weren't home anyway. So we chose to sit this Halloween out and Bailey could care less. She doesn't even know she's missed something and we have many, many more years of trick-or-treating ahead of us!!!

We hope your weekend has been nice. It's supposed to get down to almost freezing here tonight and we set our clocks back. So don't forget to turn some heat on and fix those clocks. We might could actually make it to Sunday School in the morning with an extra hour of time on our hands!!

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