Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back To The Land Of The Living

We are finally, knock on wood, done with the stomach bug.

We did have to miss the planned trip home to Alabama for Andrew's first birthday party.  I was just so afraid of passing it on to someone else or getting there and this thing rearing it's ugly head again.  I sure didn't want to wear Bailey down.  So we stayed at home, but sure missed being there.

Yesterday, we got out of the house, together for once, and went to Meridian shopping.  We at a late lunch at O'Charley's and then went to the mall.  Bailey got a few new Spring/Summer things and then we went to the AT&T store, The Spotted Pony, Books A Million, Ross's and Sam's.  I think I have finally figured out what new cell phone I am going to get and I finished spending my BAM gift card for Nene and Jerry.  I bought three new books and cannot wait to start them.  We picked up a few things at Sam's and fed Bailey a little supper and then headed home. 

We finally were able to go to chruch this morning.  It feels like we haven't been there in forever, due to being out of town, Sid working and sickness.  Today was the last Sunday we will attempt to take Bailey in big chruch for awhile.  Next Sunday, we plan to put her in the nursery.  I hope I follow through, I just love haivng with me, but today she was a ill and fought Sid so he had to take her out and we ended up leaving early.  So the best thing is the nursery, it's just so hard.  We had Subway for lunch and she is napping as I type.

After nap, we plan to go the park.  It's sunny and so pretty here.  Sid is off work and everybody feels good.  So we want to get out and spend some time together.  I plan to snap some good pictures while we are out.

One of Bailey's new things is reading her Old McDonald Had a Farm book that Santa brought her and singing.  She tries to sing it but says "i ii ii ii" to the somewhat tune of "E I E I O".  So today she wore her eieio dress to church and it was so cute, after I dressed her, she got down and found her book and got up in Sid's lap to read it.  We tried to snap some pictures of her outside, but we were in a hurry and the sun was shining way too bright in the usual spot and then when I finally started snapping I realized it was only half shining and so the lighting is off.  Oh well, the subjust is still our pretty girl and still as cute as ever!

And to end on the note of the stomach bug, Sid's grandmother brought us a chicken pie last week when Bailey was so sick.  She ended up getting sick Friday night and went into the hospital with this nasty thing and is still there.  Ya'll stay well!!!!

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