Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have You Ever??

So, yesterday me and Sid went with Kylie and Ben to Jackson to do some shopping.  We went childless and it was really nice, although at one point I did miss my diva badly.  She's just gotten to be so much fun and has become her own little person.  We just love her so much!  Sidenote:  I don't feel that she missed us at all because we left her with Pop, Nana, Granddaddy, Brady and Mason and Jerry and Nene came and picked them both up later in the night and took them to a big horse show that was here in town.  I'm sure she overly enjoyed herself. 

Anyway, we started off the night by eating at Up The Creek.  It was really good and I hope to eat there again sometime.  Then we went to Belk, Old Navy, Dick's Sporting Good and JC Penny. 

It was between Dick's and JcPenny's that we spotted a new frozen yogurt joint called Berry Berry Good Yogurt, or BBG Yougurt.  Ben, who is a Rick and Bubba trekie, had heard them talk about it and wanted to check it out.  So we made our rounds inside the small shop.  Basically, you get your own cup, which I noticed was rather large, choose your yogurt flavor, help yourself to the toppings bar, and then proceed to check out.  You end up with something like this, only with way more toppings because who can help themselves when it's an open bar of toppings??  And I didn't see any green leafs you could top it off with either.  Just saying.

The check out:  THEY WEIGH YOUR CUP OF YOGURT AND TOPPINGS IN THEIR VERY LARGE ONE SIZE CUP!!!  We stopped to watch the couple checking out.  Their total:  $14 dollars and something.  For two cups of frozen yogurt and some toppings.  I gaspped.  I literally sucked in air as I saw their total appear on the screen.  I was shocked, to say the least.  We quickly exited least we be sucked in too.  But I was so shocked that I asked a couple sitting outside their's what it cost them for their two cups of BBG yogurt.  $13 dollars and something.  I just wanted to compare and see if it was normal to have a $7 cup of yogurt and indeed it was. 

The only problem was the man of the couple inside checking out was a rather large man and the rest of my party seemed to think the guy thought I was gaspping at his size in relation to his $14 dollar bill for two cups of yogurt.  I can assure you that was not the case at all.  I so hope the man did not think that.

We went on to JcPenny's and when we came out, the place was covered up with large parties eating their BBG cup o' gold.  I said it must not be anything to these people to drop $100 on a Saturday night bringing their family out for frozen yogurt.  What has our day in time come to?

We scampered off to good ole DQ and I invested in a $3 one of these:

And all was right with the world!!!

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