Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter Without Pictures (and baby names)

Well, I'm 0 for 2 this Easter Season.  Last weekend, we celebrated with Sid's Mom's side of the family at Mammie's house.  Most everyone was there, and I was especially remembered those members of the family that are walking and living with the real live Risen Christ this Easter Season.  However, I forgot my camera.  Well, actually, I forgot my camera card.  So I tried to use another card and didn't format it, so the pictures won't pull up on the computer.  I was so upset because I know I got some good ones.

Packing on Friday morning, I kept saying to myself over and over and over again - DO NOT FORGET THE CAMERA.  What did I forget?  The camera.   And I have surely missed out on lots of photo ops this weekend. 

We left Philly about 11 on Friday morning and went straight to The Shops of Grand River, a new outlet mall just outside of Birmingham.  Let me just say, it is FAB and if you in Philly you have must make the 3 hours drive there and check it out.  If you are in Oneonta and haven't been, shame on you!  Unfortunately, we only made it to 2 stores. We did get our 2nd and 3rd soon to be born daughters their first matching Polo outfits, which is one of their daddy's weaknesses, but after 2 stores our beloved 1st born ended the trip for us with her ever strong will.  We have no idea where she gets it from, but we are hoping these next 2 ease up on us a bit.  The problem is, we never ever made Bay ride in the stroller.  I bet she has ridden in that thing a total of 10 times in her whole life.  These next 2 babies don't/won't have a choice.  They have to be content in the stroller if we are ever going anywhere again. 

So, after we had to leave the shops without even really seeing what all was there, we made our way to Mom and Dad's house.  We ended up spending some time with Erin, Andrew, Chris, Erica, Maggie and Bo.  Mom and Dad had to go somewhere.  I checked out early because I was having a very bad allergy episode and Dad gave me some Benydryl.  The good news is, it helped.  The bad news is, it made me very drowsy.

We got up this morning and ate breakfast, got ready, and went to watch Erin play baseball.  It was a great morning for being out and after it was over, the Whitehead Easter Bunny had to finish up his Easter shopping.  Next weekend, the very first love of my life, Erin, will turn 7 years old.  Gosh I am getting old and I know her Mama must feel that way, too!  haha!  So, we had a (small) get together at Mom's house to celebrate her birthday.  Present was:  Mom, Dad, me, Sid, Bailey, Will, Chris, Erica, Erin, Andrew, Maggie, Bo, Pappaw, and Granny Wilson.  Mom got Erin the cutest Lemonade Stand, so we had Lemonade and the kids also bobbed for apples (only my mother would think up this stuff).  However, instead of bobbing, my child went swimming, with shoes and everything on.  We got cleaned up from that later and had hamburgers and hot dogs and ice cream cake.  Then the kids dyed Easter Eggs and had an Easter Egg hunt.  After that, they played and played and played until they just couldn't get along anymore.  No one had naps and by about 5, they were done with each other.  I don't know about Erin and Andrew, but those at this house have either been asleep for awhile or are headed there shortly.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Easter service with the fam and have lunch at Limestone Springs.  Then, we'll make our way back to Mississippi and prepare for the remainder of the school year.  Come on summer!  We have a great weekend and it was nice to spend time with loved ones I haven't seen since Spring Break.  But I am so sad that I do not have and pictures from any Easter celebration this year.  Next year, I'll  probably have my hands so full I won't even want to take pictures. 

I did look back at last year's pictures and could not believe how much my Bailey girl had grown up from her Easter party at school or from Easter Day last year.  Take a look back, you won't believe it either.

We hope everyone has a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow with family, friends, those you consider to be important in your life.  May we also remember that living He loved us, dying He SAVED us, rising He carried our sins far away.  Far enough away that we are able to live on this earth and enjoy such things as family, and our babies getting older, and new babies on the way, and 7th birthday parties of little girls we remembered just yesterday being born, and grandparents spoiling their grandchild, and great grandparents all around these sweet babies.   Without the love of our Heavenly Father, none of us would even have the desire to be here on this earth.  Oh, how I miss my grandmother and how I wish that she was here for me to talk to during this twin pregnancy.  But you know what, she served a risen Lord and now walks the streets of Heaven right by that same God, and she has it so much better than the rest of us who suffer in this sinful world.  May we remember tomorrow, and always, that Christ the Lord is risen.  He is risen indeed!!!!

Happy Easter from the Whiteheads:  Sid, Barbie, Bailey, Baby A and Baby B.

Much Love, Barbie

PS:  Speaking of Baby A and Baby B, we'll take suggestions on names.  If we are going to use family names, which I would like to, here is what we have to work with:  Marie, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth, Ren (which would be short for Irene), and Dessa (which is short for Odessa).  Those are all either first or middle names from these babies grand mothers/great grand mothers.  Too bad they can't have 3 names each.  Marie - my mom's middle name, Anne - my middle name, my Granny Wilson's middle name, Elizabeth Irene -Sid's grandmother's (on his mom's side) name, and Odessa -Sid's grandmother (on his dad's side) name.  Sid's mom only has one name and I don't think we can shorten it to make anything. Sorry Nene!  Nene's maiden name is Williamson and we did talk about using the name William if it was a boy.  But, no boys to found in this household.  I also would like to keep B names as first names, and I really like Bliar and Blaine.  I've mentioned them to Sid, way back, and he didn't care for them.  But I might still try to work on that.  We wanted to name a boy something with Ben in it, like Bennett or Benton, after Sid's grandfather and our all time boy fav name is John Thomas, after Sid's grandfather (on his mother's side), my dad and my grandfather.  But again, no boys to be found.  I might still try to come up with a "Ben" girl name.  Sid said he thinks Bennett could be for a girl.  I just don't know.  Oh wait, mabye it was Bentley I like with 'ben' in it and he said it could be for a girl.   We almost didn't come up with Bailey's name, but after a suggestion from Dad, we finally did.  So, suggest on ya'll!!

Happy Easter!

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