Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pigtail Cuteness!

So, I haven't felt like getting the camera out lately, but have been telling myself that it's been awhile since I've snapped a few pictures of my sweet girl and I sure haven't put any on the blog.  Soooo, this morning after we got dressed, I was brushing her hair and she was going to go to her Mammaw and Pappaw's.  They almost always play outside on days like today, so I decided to pull her up in a pony tail, which I never do.  She was so paitent, I decided to try and get all that hair in pig tails.  I think I've only done that one other time.  She was so proud of them and then had to have her horsey in the pictures, too!

Enjoy your week!!!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So cute!!! I've been pulling the girls' hair back in a ponytail for meals over the past couple of weeks...just super-quick, to get it out of their faces. I'm rotten at it, though!

To date they will not sit still for me to practice (nor will they leave any kind of hair accessory in for more than a minute...GAH!). But I do have hope, as Baby A let me blow-dry her hair for a good five minutes a few days ago. There's hope yet! HA!

Davene Grace said...

Hi, Barbie! I stumbled across your blog tonight, and I'm so glad I did. First of all, congratulations on your twins! I have four children, but no twins, so I have no personal experience with that. My sister-in-law is pregnant with twins, and I'm eager to see how things go for her!

But what I really wanted to say is that I have a blogging friend who went through the 3 under 3 scenario, except in her case, her twins came first. I have no idea how she kept her sanity. ;-) But she's handled it beautifully, with much grace. I don't know if it might be helpful to you to take a look at her blog or even to email her. She might be able to give you some encouragement, since she's in the twin trenches with you! Her blog is

Take heart, Barbie! One day at a time, and may God's arms hold you especially close in the weeks and months to come.