Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Did These Twins Come From?

I posted a few times back about the different types of twins you could have - sharing/not sharing placentas and/or sacs.  We learned about a week ago that we have separate sacs and placentas.  If they turn out to be boy/girl babies, then they are def. not identical.   If that turn out to be boy/boy or girl/girl twins, then more than likely they will be identical, but that could only be 100% determined by a DNA test. 

There has been much discussion about "where" these twins came from, other than clearly 2 eggs and 2 sperm.  Too much info??  Probably so, but it's life!  Sorry Dad!  Anyway, I finally found that piece of research that I read back in February.  Identical twins are NOT hereditary, because there was no hyper-ovulation.  The mother simply released one egg and it decided to split.  However, in fraternal twins, there could be a link.  When it is a case of fraternal twins running in the family, that can only come from the mother (when I say mother I mean the mother of the twins).  Why?  Because that means two eggs were released, or hyper-ovulation, and only the mother can release two eggs.  But here's the kicker - the gene to release two eggs , or hyper-ovulate, can be passed down from the father. 

So, my Mom's grandmother could have a gene for hyper ovulating and it was passed down to my Granny Wilson and then my mom, who in turned passed it on to me.  Or my Mammaw Self could have carried the gene and my dad inherited it and then passed it on to me. There is no way that these twins developed from Sid's side of the family. The father of twins cannot make two eggs be released, he can only supply the fertilization of two eggs that the mother releases. (Just like if either of my brothers were to father twins, even though their dad is a twin, they had nothing to do with determining how many eggs would be released for fertilization.)  However, if there is a gene on Sid's side of the family, he could pass it on to Bailey, who could, in turn, have twins. I say all of that because he does have a history of some twins on his side of the family, way back. And if you don't know my history, my Mom's dad is a twin and my dad is a twin.  So far, I'm the only one on either side of the family in this generation to have twins. It might be hereditary, it might not be!  That's something we will never know.  I'm also 34, nearing 35, and statistically, that could have some played some part.  I've read weight, along with age, can be a factor.  You just never know.  Does all that make sense?

 Of course, you know, it could be a God thing!  But whatever it is, it sure is confusing!

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