Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sisters Brothers

**Caution - Long post, scroll all the way down if the suspicion is killing you!!!

Wow!  What a day is all I can say!  Every time I think I have this whole thing figured out, I am reminded that I am not the one in control.  So, I've been saying that I would really like a boy and a girl, but we most surely had to have a girl because, after all, the princess we already have takes up half the house.  She has to have someone to share her girl stuff with. 

I have said over and over and over again that I would be totally surprised if these babies were the same sex.  We know that they are in their own sacs and have their own placentas, and this made them more likely than not to be fraternal, or not identical.  I even told people all day long I was almost certain that is had to be a boy and a girl.

With Bailey, I just had gut instincts, or so I thought, that were always right. I knew her exact due date, I knew something was going to go wrong with her, I knew she was going to be a girl.  All that stuff. So when I would think about these babies, I'd think boy and girl and never even questioned that instinct.

Then, about 11:00 today, it hit me!  Nothing has been as expected with this pregnancy.  Heck, we didn't even expect this pregnancy, much less twins.  And so I told myself, "Self, you are going to be very surprised I bet today at what you find out."  And then I'd shake it off, remind myself they were likely fraternal and move on. 

Well, at 2:00 today was our sono appointment.  We took Bailey with us because we thought she'd enjoy seeing the babies on the big screen.  Turns out, we were even wrong about that.  She was scared when we first walked into that dark little room with all that equipment.  But she quickly warmed up and wanted to explore.  At one point, I asked her to be still because we had to see the babies and see the doctor.  She started singing "mama called the doctor and the doctor said..."  I laughed and then she got up by the table and wanted to hold my hand.  Next thing I knew, she was biting my finger. I reached up with the other fingers and pinched her nose so she'd let go.  She then says, "Mama you pinched my nose. Let me pinch your nose mama."  I about died.  At some point, something made her mad and she pulled the whole, "I mad" thing.  When I asked Sid what made her mad, she said "I not mad."  I just couldn't control myself.  But needless to say, we will not be taking her back.  That was not her thing and she was not a bit interested in knowing about these babies. 

I'd say it was probably around 2:20, the tech got down to business looking for the genders.  The babies did not want to cooperate at all and you can tell that by the jiggling in the video.  (once again, you tube is uploading it into 9 different parts.  I have no idea why that is so.)  She said she might not be able to get them this time and I almost cried.  I think I even told her I'd have a break down on her table if she didn't find out for me. 

Baby A would not cooperate.  Baby B would, but she couldn't get a clear picture.  After much pushing and tossing and jiggling, Baby B finally came into view.  I could even tell and I asked her to let me guess.  I guessed a


and I was right.  Baby B IS A GIRL!!!!  I was shocked! 

The tech quickly moved to Baby A again and it wasn't 5 seconds later, our whole lives changed....again.  I never saw it coming.  I must have still been thinking about Girl Baby B, when she said, "and Dad" - I held my breath.  I just knew she was going to congratulate him on a boy. 

Then I hear "Baby A is a

GIRL, TOO!"  That's right!  BABY A IS A GIRL!!!

I started crying and could not control myself. Of course I am thrilled, but I was shocked beyond belief and nothing could have prepared me for the moment that I realized I was going to be a mama to not one, not two, but THREE girls.  All I could think of was Bailey and how much she adores her daddy and now he was gonna have two more to adore him, too.  I told him later that maybe just one of these girls would adore me! 

Ya'll just do not know how much I never wanted girls when I was old enough to think about babies.  Then, Erin was born (don't think I wasn't disappointed when I found out she was a girl, because I was.  They will tell you I was.)  But she was born and she was the light of my life and my heart and soul.  Six months after she was born, I couldn't even fathom a boy.  So when I got pregnant with Bailey, all I wanted was sweet little girl like my Erin.  And I got it!

But I never ever dreamed in a million years that I'd have 3 girls.  I never really ever dreamed I'd be a mama 3 babies period.  But sometimes, the good Lord exceeds our wildest dreams.  And He gives us things we never ever think about. 

At supper, I asked Sid what he thought about it and he said as long as we didn't have to stay in that NICU again, he didn't care.  I told him surely he thought he'd get a boy out of this deal, but he really acts ok with it.  I know we both just want healthy babies, but he acts like it's really no big deal to him that this household will be nothing but raging females for the rest of his life. haha!  Kidding Sid.  Maybe!  I do know that he intends on making all of his girls hunters just like him.  He already has Bailey well on her way.  He informed me last night that there was room in his shoot house for all 3 of them, girls or not.  I commented that I guess I'd just have to go too, but I was quickly told it was only big enough for 4 people, NOT 5!!!! So see, he really doesn't care. 

He wants to know what I'm going to name them.  I want to know what he's going to name them.  We almost didn't come up with Bailey's name, but thanks to Poppy T who made the suggestion, we finally did. 

In other baby news, they are about 7 ounces each.  So almost one pound of baby.  I still haven't gained any weight.  Since I'm about half way through, and they would expect 40 pounds with this pregnancy, the doctor said today that he only wanted me to gain about 20.  He said I didn't need to gain all 40 pounds in the last half, so to count half those pounds out.  With Bailey, I blew up like a balloon.  They are measuring the same, right at 17 weeks 3 days.  The tech couldn't get all the features of the growth scan, but what she did get looked good.  We go back on May 20th and will do the rest of the growth scan, which will be between 21 and 22 weeks.  We will look at the heart, and two other major things that weren't clear enough today.  It's not a bad thing that they weren't clear.  Just hard to see and balled up. 

Soooo, there's our news.  TWO GIRLS!!!!.  And I know we'll love every minute of it!

Much love, Barbie


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Congrats!!! I have heard that having twins of the same gender is easier, so hope that will be the case for you. :) And that's awesome that they're measuring the same weight. That's definitely what you're looking for.

Heather said...

Congratulations! You all will have so much fun with dress up and tea parties!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Congrats! I thought you were having a boy and a girl too. I would have bet money on it. But just think, now you'll get to pay for THREE weddings!!! I'm just kidding. Don't forget that little girls are usually Daddy's girls, but turn out to be best friends with their mothers when they grow up. You are the one who can help them through their pregnancies. Trust me Barbie, those girls will love you to death...just because you are you. Love ya, Rachel Ellis Dean

Davene Grace said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! That is SO exciting!

I never dreamed I would have four boys, but now that I do, I can't imagine it any other way. God surprises us sometimes, doesn't He?

And like Rachel said, those girls are going to love you so much. Don't you worry about that. ;-)