Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super (Bull)Dog Weekend

Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend and it was such a nice visit.  Bailey was well behaved and Dad and Sid went to the Spring football game at Mississippi State.  I know they had a great time.  While they were gone, Mom, Bailey and I ate Mexican and took a trip around the now deserted Neshoba County Fair Grounds.  Mom never ceases to be amazed at that place.  It does look all deserted and grown up, like a ghost town, but it won't be that way in a few more weeks.  Then, this morning, after we were lazy, we got dressed and headed to the casino.   Someone in the family, who will remain nameless, had some "free" money that needed to be used by today or it was lost.  No need to lose "free money".  They were having a slot tournamet out in the lobby and it was western themed.  Baily LOVED the music and had fun running around in the wide open spaces and dancing.  I'm also sorry to report that Dad was the only one who came out a winner and he "just went in looking for mom."  haha!  Way to go Dad!!

This afternoon, after we go back, Macy needed to go out.  Bailey had the best time with her.  She'd run run run with Macy trailing behind and Bailey would just laugh this big ole belly laugh.  I grabbed the camera for the first time since last Sunday and this is what I ended up with:

I just think these are so sweet of Bailey walking Macy.  Macy was loving it!

Then they ventured off into the neighbor's yard and Macy wanted to do her own thing.  So did Bailey.  Poppy T had to intervene.  It almost looked as if he was going to lose the intervention.

But, alas, she gave it up!

And decided to run run run all the way across the neighbor's yard, across his driveway, across our driveway, and all the way to the other neighbor's house.

That tounge cracks me up.  She was nearing the driveway, which slopped down.

Here she comes back the othe way.  (I spared you the five pictures of her backside running the other way.  Your welcome!)

Notice the tounge still in place.

And then she finally realized that somebody was up to something.  Mom and Dad were loading Macy in the car and Bailey finally realized that they were going somewhere and she wasn't. 

And we ended with this...
Big ole tears.  We went inside and settled down, got some cold juice, and took a little nap.  When she woke up, she jumpped up and said, Poppy T, I hear Poppy T.  Except, she really didn't.  She forgot they were gone.  She was ok though, we didn't shed anymore tears.   She and Sid went to his mom's house and she played outside wtih them too.  It was such a great weekend and I'm surprised at myself for not crying, too.  But I think I felt so bad for Bailey, I couldn't.

In other news, we turned 16 weeks preg with twins on Friday.  WHAT???? Can you believe that?  Almost to the half way mark for twins.  I'm still hoping for a few extra weeks.  I feel pretty good still, still mostly in regular clothes, not a lot of nausea at all.  When I do have it, it's early in the morning and just goes away.  I do have a few afternoons of headaches and when I get home, I'm still so worn out that I do good to just make it home.  I know my body is storing up energy b/c that's all about to change.  We find out the sexes in two weeks and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  What do ya'll think they are?   I'm thinking boy/girl but we'll see!  I have terrible allergies right now and even some Claritan isn't doing much good.  It's horrible, but I always have it this time of year.  It won't last long, but when I'm already worn out, having a stopped up head doesn't feel too good! 

Ya'll have a great week!  Much love, Barbie

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