Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I will preface this post by saying that yes, the news at the doctor was not the best it could have been.  But, that being said, I feel great, as good as I think I can feel, and he did say I could do what I wanted for 2 to 3 hours a day.  And everything I've chosen to do keeps me no further than 2 hours from the hospital.  I just don't think the doctor realizes that I feel like doing all I've been doing on my 2 to 3 hours out of bed.  He probably means I can take a shower, go to the couch, maybe get a bite to eat.  But he didn't say that.  He said I could be up and about 2 to 3 hours a day, so I am!!!  We'll see in 2 weeks if I've over done it, but really, ya'll, I feel fine and I also feel that may change before the summer is out and I want to enjoy my Sid and my Bailey as much as I can before our entire family dynamics changes.  Okay?  Okay!!!! 

Wanna see what I've been up to?  These pictures are terrible quality considering what I usually post, but my new phone has an ok camera on it, for a cell phone, and I've just been using that. 

So, our cleaning ladies, (yes, as in ladies that come and clean my house for me...i know, i can call me a spoiled B.I. whenever)  where was I?  Oh yes, the cleaning ladies came this past week and one of them was so sweet to bring me some fresh cut flowers from her yard.  Made my day!!

Bailey stayed home with me yesterday instead of going to daycare.  She had already been 2 days this week and I thought that was enough.  So when Sid called and said he had gotten tickets to Jerry Lee Lewis at the casino, my first thought was oh no, I could never make it out to a concert at the casino.  But Bailey and I ended up doing nothing but resting and sleeping and then her Mammaw called and wanted her to spend the night, so it just worked out and we went.  We had supper, without chasing a 2 year old around, which was worth the entire getting ready part to me, and then went out to the casino for the concert. I had never seen the casino floor since they changed it into what they are calling an arena, but I was impressed with it and think we should all enjoy such a great thing in our own backyard.  I mean, I know Jerry Lee Lewis isn't the best of the best, but there are tons of today's superstars who play out there and I just think we should take advantage of it.  We got the tickets from someone who has I guess "season tickets", so we were 8 rows from center front.  Pretty cool!!  My phone camera didn't like all the purple lights, so this was the best I got.  But I truly enjoyed it and it was worth it because it was something Sid wanted to do. 

I posted about this on facebook earlier, but the doctor said to eat a lot of watermelon for snack to help eliminate some fluid.  I'm think I'd probably have to eat alot of watermelon for that to actually fix the problem, but nevertheless, my sweet sweet Sid got me a watermelon this morning and I have 2 of these Tupperware containers in my fridge, full of cut up/no seeds cold watermelon.  True love, ya'll!!!  Two funnies though: first of all, he told me he was going to cut it and put it in a bucket, which caused me to immediately envision the feed bucket.  So we had to have a vocab lesson bucket vs. Tupperware.  He know knows the difference and uses the two terms correctly.  Second, I was in the shower when he came in from cutting it up and all I heard over the water running was, "I'm not so sure you are worth all that." haha!!!  Bless his heart, it is some good watermelon!!!

It's been about a week since Bailey and I have been to the water park and a few weeks since Sid has been, so today, for my 3 hours up, we went to the water park.  Nene went with us, and other than walking, I did not have to do a thing more than what I would have done at home. Granted, it was 102 heat index, but Sid an Nene kept up with Bailey and I took advantage of it. We did the lazy river and then I stayed at the wave pool the rest of the time.  Sid, Bailey and Bailey were back and forth between there and the little tots splash pad.  We skipped nap for this adventure and, as always, she loves every single second of it.

Waiting in the shade on Mammaw to get her picture made for her season pass.  This was her first trip of the season.  She has been exceptionally busy.

Proof that me and E & E just hung out with our feet up. I tried to take my own picture this morning of my baby bump, which is NOT a bump, but more like a ball, and when Sid saw it he didn't have nice things to say about it.  As a matter of fact, I think he said it better not be on the blog next time he looks. haha!  He knows me so well.  Soooo, this bump here is about all you'll get out of me.

Our little fishy!!

Once we got home, which was about 4, Bailey and I got a shower and Sid fixed us something to eat. Then we all piled on the cool bed, Bailey with her ipod, while we watched a little of 8 Seconds, which happens to be on the TV right now. 

My two sweeties!!!!

It is now 5:30 and Bailey is sacked out.  She was talking to me and then stopped and when I looked over, she was sound asleep.  I know skipping nap is hard on her, but skipping it and playing her heart out is a whole other story. One that ends with a happy little girl going to bed extra early.  This mama is laid up for the night too, and Sid has gone to take his dad to the races.  Pappaw had knee replacement surgery about 3 weeks ago and he wanted to go for a bit since he's missed it for a while now. Sid was nice and took him. 

I don't know what we will do for Father's Day tomorrow, but I am extra sad, that once again I don't get to see my dad on the actual day. And the worst part about not being over 2 hours from the hospital is not getting to see my sweet Pappaw. I'll have to make a trip, with 3 baby girls in tow, once they arrive becasue we will be way over due for a visit.  We love you Pappaw and miss you soooo much!!!

I've been a bit wrapped up in the Casey Anthony trial and I just don't get it.  I mean, clearly, she killed or had something to do with the killing of her daughter.  I know the job of her lawyers is to prove that she didn't. But today, they put a doctor on the stand who called Dr. G's work "shoddy" and I had to laugh out loud.  I probably have not spent as much time on this case as some of you, but on the other hand, I've probably spent more time than needed on it.  If any of you have anything you'd like to add to base of knowledge, please feel free to comment!

So, there you have it, a few of my favorite things as of late.  I'm taking Bailey to the dentist on Monday, where I'm sure I'll get the lecutre of a lifetime over the paci.  It's ok, I take full responsibility and will own the spanking when I get it.  I also want to take her next week to see Mr. Pauper's Penguins at the movies.   But other than that, we plan to just be at home getting ready for the sisters.

Until then, much love!! Barbie

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