Wednesday, June 29, 2011

28 Week Doctor Appointment

I'm a little upset - the only bad thing that happened today is the sono tech forgot to push the record button on my DVD.  Soooo, I dont have video for you from today's appointment.  I do have pictures but they are getting harder to see and both babies were head down,  I mean looking towards my back so we basically only saw spines today.  Well, the tech saw alot because she measured and such, but she knows what she is looking at.

All in all, it was a GREAT appointment, given what had to take place today.  Here's the timeline:

5:00 am - Alarm went off, I thought to myself  "really???"
5:15 am - Got up before I got in trouble by my husband, who was also getting up
6:10 am - Left the house to drive to the doctor in Jackson
7:35 am - arrived at the doctor (as an insert here, I'll say that I got a good nap on the way down until someone ran off the road onto the bumps and woke me up.  Not long after that, someone "cut in front of us" and we almost had a wreck.  It's not funny, but it was just because of Sid's reaction.  I'm laughing while typing, it was funny.)
7:35 am - Put my orange fructose 10 oz drink on ice and sucked it down with a straw while my cheerleader cheered me on.  Should have taken a pic, forgot, oh well!
7:40 am - signed in for the sono
**side note - notice I've now been awake for almost 3 hours and have some starving babes in my tummy. I was pretty hungry myself.
8:00 am - called back for the sono
8:30 am - signed in for the lab and to see the doctor, was sent straight back to lab due to the time factor
8:40 am - 5 vials of blood were drawn.
8:41 am - chowed down on a granola bar and drank some water. I was sooo hungry.  But I did it!  Without getting sick or nauseated, but I did it! Continued to wait to see the doctor while checking out what I was missing on the Casey Anthony trial
9:00 am - called back to see the doctor (30 mins late, how does that happen when you are the first patient??)
9:40 am - we were out the door and headed to get some grub. 
9:50 am - Eating a biscuit at Chick Fil A.  It was good, but I swear I could have probably eaten 3 of them,  I was starved to death by this time. 

So, here's what we learned during the sonograms today:
Each baby weighs 2 lbs 12 ozs EACH.  That's a total of 5.5 pounds of baby.  Just for reference, Bailey weighed 6 pounds at birth at 36 weeks.  The babies are measuring at 28 weeks 1 day, which is right on track.  I bet you anything, I'm going to have every bit of 12 pounds of baby before they get here.  I seriously don't know how I will move by that time, because I'm already getting way more uncomfortable than I've been.  I am pretty much the size of a full term single pregnancy, but have at least 6 more weeks to go.  YIKESSSSS!!!!  Both babies are breach at the moment, but doesn't matter because I'll deliver via C-section and both or facing my back.

And, here's what we learned from the doctor on top of that:
I passed the glucose test, thank the good Lord,sooo I don't have to do the 3 hour test.  I gained 5 pounds in the past week, putting me at a total of 16 pounds for 28 weeks.  I don't guess that's too bad, but the doctor did say don't let that happen every 2 weeks.  Here are my excuses for that: 1. I had on a sundress last time vs. jeans and layered shirts today plus I had 10 ozs of junk in me from the drink, AND the babies grew about a pound and a half combined.  So it stands to reason that I would gain some since they did.  I'm not too worried, but we'll see.  I also learned that my iron is still low despite over the counter iron pills. I haven't really taken them correctly, so now I have some prescription ones that I think I will remember to take and they are only once a day.  He said my iron had actually dropped since the last time they checked.  I got the rh negative shot and was on my way to make an appointment for 2 weeks down the road.  He did not check me, but said he would next time.  We didn't discuss it, but I assume the instructions from last appointment continue to stand.

I go back July 14th, at which time I'll be 30 weeks, and after that will go every week for at least the next 6 weeks.  I will continue to have the sono's each time instead of the non stress tests because Dr. North says measuring the babies each time is more accurate than just monitoring them. 

After Chick Fil A, we made a quick trip into Belk's for Sid to take back a father's day gift and then we went to see his grandmother and to a few consignment shops in the Jackson area.  They always have high end stuff for pretty good prices.  I found two things that we already have one of from Bailey. 

It's been a long day and my feet and legs look terrible, but I feel like we got a good report and the best thing of all is that the babies continue to look good and I continue to feel good for the most part. 

Too bad I don't have a video to share, but trust me, they are there, rocking and rolling all over the place.

Much Love, Barbie

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