Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Is For You Poppy T

Bailey spent the night with Sid's cousin, Amy, and her kids, Colin and Calissa, on Friday night.  It appears that Bailey did better than I did.  At last count, it was about 11:10 and she had just fallen asleep, but I couldn't.  I just knew she was going to wake up wanting her Mama, but she didn't.  And I'm ok with that.  The main reason we tried it was because we just don't know what the birth/hospital stay of these babies will look like and want her to be familiar with more than just her grandmother's house.  They had a big night eating supper at the casino, playing, getting finger nails and toe nails painted, played in Amy's over sized bathtub, colored, had pickles and powdered doughnuts for breakfast 

But this picture just about did me in.  I've been saying for forever now that Bailey is gonna be a rock star one day.  She LOVES all things music.  She loves to sit and watch CMT or even those old time gospel shows.  She finds all kinds of make-shift microphones around the house and just dances and sings.  She tells us to turn up the music in the car. She just loves music and she loves to dance.  I'm hoping to get her in a dance class this fall so that she can get started on whatever talent is there and also so that she gets some time alone with me or Sid, whichever one of us is lucky enough to get to take her.

When I saw this, I immediately thought of my dad.  And how proud he would be if Bailey really did learn to play and sing.

Two things I noticed:  I mean, look at that hand just a strumming. 

And, look how tired she is!!! I know they played hard and did not stop til their heads hit the pillow!!

On Saturday, Amy wanted to take them to the water park, so Sid picked up Mason and they all went.  I decided to sit it out because I just didn't feel right and didn't want to over do it.  Colin ended up staying with us for a bit after they got back and got cleaned up and had supper while Sid and Amy went the fair cabin.  Right after Colin and Amy left, Bailey just cried and cried for no reason other than she was worn slap out.  She slept from 8:00 last night until 8:30 this morning and slept so hard that she did not wake up one time for a drink of juice and was completely dry. 

She had a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for that.  But I couldn't resist blogging this picture for Poppy T.  If you don't know, he's the current rock star of the family!!!

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