Sunday, April 20, 2008

And So We Begin.....

With the first post of 'the scoop' from Mississippi! I hope that Sid and I can keep this blog updated enough to let you know what is going on in lives enough so that we all still feel connected. If there is one thing that has been hard for me, especially, it's been not being able to see my family whenever I want to. Especially that cute little, soon to be, 4 year old niece of mine. We did, however, celebrate Mason's 3rd birthday on Friday night with a cowboy party at his house. He was the cutest little thing running around opening his presents. The cutest had to be when he opened the box with his spurs in it. I wish we'd had a video camera. So Sid and I are awaiting the princess birthday party next weekend......

We've had a relaxing Sunday with neither of us getting out of our pj's. Well, OK, except Sid did when he made his way for his daily fix of Wal-Mart. We were going to go out and water and feed our new flowers, but he did this without me while I napped. A bit irritating, but I didn't say anything. He could have waited on me, but oh well.

We spent yesterday looking at furniture, as we are in desperate need of new living room and master bedroom furniture. I think after the initial shock of how much this type of purchase is going to cost us, Sid is starting to come around a little bit. My most favorite thing we looked at was a bed by Restoration Hardware. Oh, and a bedroom suit by Kincade, whoever they are. But we'd have to take out a second mortgage to get either of them. But at least he's coming around on realizing how much things like this cost.

So now we are getting cozy on the couch as the second new show of Desperate Housewives is about to come on. Then the first new episode of Brothers and Sisters comes on next. I'm oh so excited by this. Not to mention I'm on the last leg of a book I started last week at the beach. So lots to do before I go to bed in a little bit. Sid will be out by 9:00 p.m.

Check back often, as we hope to keep this blog updated at least every other day if not every day!

Love you all, Miss you all! Barb

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