Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Furniture....WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Man, did we have a GREAT weekend! We left home Saturday about 9:45 a.m. headed to Peeples since Sid loved my great finds so much, he wanted to find some great finds for himself. They didn't open until 10:00 a.m. and after an hour of just browsing around Peeples, we head out (in the pouring down rain) to Bama for the princess bday party. About half way down the interstate, I fall asleep, as per usual. And low and behold, I wake up just in time to realize we are going to be about an hour early to the party if we don't find something else to pass a little bit of time. And under normal circumstances, I'd have picked Target to pass that time. BUT, since we've been looking at furniture and Fultondale has a brand new Ashley store, I suggest we stop just to look. And to my amazement, Sid agrees. Sooooo, in we go.

And, it's our lucky day to have stopped in Ashley as they are in the middle of what they term "the biggest sale weekend at Ashely of the year". What this boiled down to was about 5 different buying options depending on the amount of money spent. So we look and we look and we go back and forth between some living room furniture, which I'll explain in a few. But we knew the bedroom suit when we saw it. I'll post a link to it at the bottom of the entry. We knew, after spending all day the Saturday before looking, what we wanted, and when we saw it, we just knew we had found the bedroom suit we were looking for.

So back to the living room furniture. Ashley has made this recliner that is built on a glider frame. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a comfortable glider and this piece of furniture was a glider, recliner, beautiful, comfortable chair, all wrapped up in one. And Sid loved it. The prob here was that is was only made in a walnut color leather and a black leather. And the biggest prob was that we were not looking for black furniture and the walnut color didn't come with any matching pieces. It had no couch or other pieces that went it with it specifically, but the black had a whole room of furniture that we could choose from. So as we discuss the color options, the salesman points us in the direction of another walnut colored couch that would "match" the glider/recliner. And then we realize it's time to go to the birthday party before we are late. So we leave the salesman pondering some delivery options to Mississippi should we decide to make a purchase and head out the door.

On the way to the party, we decide that we must have the bedroom suit and we'd either get the walnut color glider/recliner and the other couch that sort of matches or we'll just go for the black and add color in other ways. We were thinking that Ashley couldn't deliver across the state line, so that's what the salesman was checking on for us. But he called back, Mr. Lane was his name, to tell us that not only could they deliver across the state line, but since it was across the state line, we didn't have to pay sales tax. Whooo Hoooo!!!!! We were on our way to buy new furniture for our new house and a girl couldn't have been more happy. So we enjoy the birthday party, have some GREAT cake, catch up with an old friend I haven't seen in quite some time, open presents, and talk Mom and Dad into going back to the Ashley store to look at the furniture with us.

But, ahhh, somewhere in the middle of this great deal, there has to be a grey cloud. And that happened when I mistakenly thought we'd decided on the walnut colored leather and Sid thought we'd decided on the black furniture. But Cindy, aka Mom, aka the best home decorator in the state in my opinion, is trying to help us out with the walnut color recliner and it not matching the couch and we'd get tired of so much brown and if we went with the black it'd be a blank slate of sort to add our own color scheme to. And I'm thinking the whole time Sid wants brown and I'm trying to get that through Mom's head. When in actuality, he wanted the black and we could have had the decision made in a flat 10. Is all this making sense to you? I didn't think so, it didn't make sense to me either for a few minutes. But I finally got with the program and we got on the ball and decided we knew what we wanted. And proceeded to buy new furniture.

Did you know buying furniture was a little more lengthy than buying a new car? I didn't, but it was. It took us about 2 hours to get it bought. But the great news is.......the bed is still in creation b/c it's brand we won't get our furniture til June. JUNE????? Yep, June! But I didn't get new, beautiful furniture, so what's a girl got to complain about???? Wait til you see it and you'll say "Not one dang thing"!

Ok, I wanted to post a link to the furniture, but apparently it's so new it's not on the webiste. You have to have a special password to get to the part where my pics are. And guess what? I don't have that. So you'll have to wait til we get the furniture to see it! More of a reason to come visit!


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