Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is it only Tuesday????

I didn't sleep much Sunday night since I cat napped on the way home Sunday so that left me very weary yesterday afternoon. But my house needed some work done. I have found it's easier just to do it then it is to have Sid tell me to do it. Those of you who know me well, know that if you "tell" me to do something, your chances of getting it done are pretty dang slim. So I informed Sid I was going to do some housework when I got home yesterday afternoon. We've also been having a hard time finding something to mop with that won't leave streaks on the floor. Even plain hot water streaks the wood floors. Mom told us to use some vinegar, so I vacuumed and then mopped with hot water and vinegar. IT WORKED!!!! Thanks, Mom! After that was done, and some laundry folded and put away, and a homemade pizza for dinner (that Sid cooked), we went out to play with our flowers. Oh, how life has changed!!!! Flowers growing in my front yard excite me these days. I don't know if that's good or bad. But anyway, we "fed" them, but didn't water them because it's much wetter under that mulch than I had first realized. And I also discovered that one of the flowers is doing so poorly because it never "rooted" to the ground. Wal-Mart will guarantee their flowers for up to a year, so I'm going in a little bit to get a replacement flower.

Sid's been playing text twister with me, so we played a little of that online and then I got a shower and we went to bed. I guess the up side of not sleeping Sunday night is bed early on Monday night. And Tuesday morning came around toooo soon! haha!

And boy was it a very long day. I'm not sure the reason for this though. I'm transitioning some kids to Kindergarten and 1st grade so that took up much of the morning. And one little guy I'm pottying training stayed dry all day today. First day all year!!!!!! So it wasn't a bad day - Just a long day. My assistants are ready for the year to be over with too. But you know what Tuesday coming and going means? Tomorrow is hump day....and tomorrow is pay day!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! Me like pay check!!!!!

I've been invited to join a club here in Philadelphia called The Pilot Club. It's supposed to be an international club and they support anything that has to do with children and brain related disorders. There is a planning meeting that I'm going to tonight, which will be my first meeting. Hope it's interesting. And I hope I it's an opportunity to meet some great people. I'm sure it will be.

Welp, maybe hump day will go by faster than Tuesday has gone by. It seems like my alarm clock went off days ago instead of just this morning. I'm not wishing the days away or anything, it was just one of those days.

Friday is our Spring party at school for my class. We are having a water/McDonald's party. I'm sure the details will be something to blog about later in the week.

Oh, and one more thing....I just can't stand it when one needs to talk to the nurse of their doctor, but no one calls you back. They've got 30 more minutes, and I WILL call back, because I am my mother's daughter after all!!!!

Edited to add: I clicked "publish post" and I'll be darn if the phone didn't ring and it was the doctor's office calling back. For those of you who are wondering/and/or want to know, Sid and I are trying to get pregnant and although we've only been married 6 months, I do turn 32 in August so my time is running out and their are some concerns. But we've just realized in the past day or so that I don't ovulate when "most" women do. I needed to let the doctor's office know this so they can go from here and I really wanted to know what they had to say about it. If all that is Greek to you, it's easier to say I have a 32 day cycle and instead of ovulating in the middle of the cycle, I ovulate at the end. Which could be the problem and very easily corrected. Just keep that and us in your prayers!!!!!

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