Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Her Royal Highness is turning 4.....

We got the most beautiful birthday party invitation in the mail today for Erin's 4 year old birthday party. She is having a princess birthday party and her invitation is Cinderella's carriage with a purple ribbon tied on it. It starts off saying "Her Royal Highness" and then has her name written all scrolly like. It's just beautiful and so girly.

So what kind of gift do you a get a royal highness? One of everything in the Wal-Mart toy section is what her Aunt Bah would have liked to have gotten her. From a real-deal Hannah Montana Guitar to a "my first" guitar that is real but play enough that it's ok if it gets broken, a set of 5 titanium Barbie golf clubs complete with golf bag, a few games, a Beach Boys CD, two or three shirts, a megaphone and pom-poms, a few coloring books, some writing pads and pens, etc. etc. etc. But, her Uncle Sid won out on the gift and we ended up getting a keyboard. Now, this is not just any old random keyboard that you and I played with when we were 4, but a very big, real, with 40+ different settings, complete with a recording microphone kind of keyboard that she will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I can't wait to hear what she composes on it. I can promise you it will be something to talk about in a later blog.

It's finally the end of hump-day and believe it or not, it's been a pretty fast week. I have one more IEP to finish writing and hold the meeting for and then I'll be done with that special ed teacher job for this year. And it could very well be the last IEP I ever have to write if the new job goes as expected.

Speaking of the new job, I spent two more hours after school today with the current director who is leaving. There is so much stuff to go over and know and learn and hear and absorb. So I am trying to go every so often and do all that. Today, I took the new schedule I'd worked on early in the week. Workers are getting all up-tight not knowing what is going to happen with the old director leaving and the new director coming in. So I felt like I needed to give some sort of input and show my face around there some before the official start date. We'll see how the new schedule goes over. Hopefully it will be fine.

Be sure to check for pics from the royal birthday party.........

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