Monday, April 21, 2008

Not so mentionalbe Monday

Even though today was Monday, there really wasn't much happening that is worth you all wasting your time reading about. There is some crud going around in my classroom so several children were absent. I got alot of paperwork done and worked on a schedule for the staff at my upcoming job. I know, I know....I shouldn't have been working on that at school, but we have 22 days of school left, including teacher work-days, only 3 children present, and I just had the time to do it. I'm sure I'll be complaining later in the week of not having enough time to do things.

Sid went to the doctor today about his fever blisters that popped out after the recent trip to the beach. Bless his bones, they look painful, they do every time. And he usually waits until he can't stand it anymore to go. After trying everything he had at home, and then some (some lady told him that deo would dry it up) he finally went. They already look better.

I came home from work and for some reason immediately was struck with a throw-up migraine. I promptly took care of that with a little nausea med that knocked me out from about 4:00 until around 6:45. When I woke up, I smelled the aroma's of something warm and good for my tummy. Sid, in all his domestication, had fried homemade apple pies. YUM YUM YUM!!!!! I ate more than I should be he did a dang good job. It's amazing what he can do that I can't do. Oh, I later discovered he had put ant killer pellets all over my flowers and flower beds. He swears they won't hurt the flowers but he gave them a little shower just to re-assure me. He scares me with that stuff, no telling what he might be killing. HMMM, maybe I should have checked my apple pies more closely, come to think of it. haha!

So I'm trying to figure out what to get on the new laptop for work. I'm a little confused about the whole operating system difference between Windows XP or 2007 vs. Vista. From what I can tell, all the new laptops will come with Vista Home and from what I've understood, I don't want that. So if any of you have any enlightening info you'd like to give me your two cents on, I'd appreciate it.

Deal or No Deal just went off, it wasn't good. I just discovered House is on and it's not one I've seen before, so I'm off to catch some of my fav. pill popper!!!!

Lots of love, Barbie

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