Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I Ever

stop throwing up and being nauseated all day long, I will be so thankful. We did not go to the fair cabin on Sunday because I got up throwing up and I wish that Sid had gone on because I know he wanted to, but he didn't. We went on Monday afternoon and NeNe fixed Spagetti. It was oh so good. But after we ate, I all of the sudden got so dang tired I thought I could fall over and sleep right there. Sid brought me home (he's been extra good) and I went straight to bed and slept until I woke up this morning to throw up. I'm thinking of calling the doctor because something's got to give. This nausea/throwing up thing is ruling my entire days and nights. I either feel really, really bad or I feel good and am afraid to do anything to ruin it. If you've never had "morning sickness" before, you have no idea what you missed out on. Count your blessings.

I go back to the doc on August 12, and will be 18 weeks then. They told me at my last appt that the next ultrasound would be two visits from then, which would make me be 22 weeks before the ultrasound to find out the gender. It's killing me, I want to know. Mainly because I'd like to have a name and also because I'm not motivated to work on the nursery yet and I think it's because I don't know what it is yet. I have also passed up the temptation to buy clothes and such, I think it's a girl as you all know, but Sid's so determined that it's a boy and so I don't want to ruin it for either one of us by buying things that aren't really for what it's going to be. I know that I will be happy and so will Sid no matter what this baby is as long as it's healthly. I was just looking on my cousin's blog and she had a baby a few weeks ago. She had posted his 4-D pictures and those things are just amazing. I hope they offer them here in Mississippi but I haven't heard anyone talk of it yet. So we'll see!

On a brighter note, my birthday is coming up, so Sid took me to get a pedicure yesterday afternoon. I think that contributed to my sleepiness as the night wore on, but it sure does feel good and it's so good to get all that stuff of my feet since I can barely reach them to put lotion on. Sid gets a pedicure with me, but I think that's great. Most of the males that make fun of him do so probably because they don't have the nerve to go get one, too!

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