Sunday, July 13, 2008

Several Note-worthy things

First of all, I didn't feel like myself when we were at the beach with Maggie and Bo and apparently that worried my baby sister. So she tells my mother that she was worried about me since I didn't feel like doing much. And of course, I get the "this is not a lecture, but" spill from Mom. Now, coming from anyone else, I'd have taken offense. But two things, it made me feel good that Maggie was worried about her big sister and my mom has been in my shoes 4 times before so I'd say she knows a little about pregnancy and all that comes with it. So I can't fault her, nor can I ignore her advice. So Mom tells me I need to be mindful of "not doing much" and get a little excercise and keep my enegery level up. This, coming from a woman who birthed 4 beautifully healthy babies, but only ONCE, yes ONCE, had a bout with nausea. So I try to tell her that yes, she has been through this more times than my mind can fathom, but she hasn't the slighest idea what it feels like to feel fine one minute and be spewing your lunch the next. So forgive me if I don't "keep my energy level up." But, I have had quite the scare this weekend. Yesterday morning, I could feel my heart beat in my head and in my stomach and this made me more nauseated and even more dizzy. The nurse at my OB's office tells me it's my blood sugar that's making me dizzy and to be sure and eat crackers and such in between meals. But it's not possible to eat anymore crackers in a day than I am already eating. So I don't think she's right. I got to feeling yesterday like I might be having blood presure problems. Having the wonderful husband that I do, he went and got me a blood pressure cuff and I've been monitoring it off and on since yesterday. I guess it finally dawned on me today that it's not high like I figured it would be since I could feel my heartbeat in strange places, but it's actually really really low. It's my heart rate that's high. I just took it a little bit ago and it was 103/69. But here's the kicker, my heart rate is 104 beats per minutes. Is this normal?? I think not. Should I call the doctor???? The book says that my heart rate will be elevated due to the baby's heart rate. At last count, the baby's heart rate was like 172 beats per minute. So will this be something I feel all the time until the baby is born????

All that aside, I did somethings today that I haven't done in a while. Well, not counting the throwing up in the middle of trying to watch a movie earlier (I thought we'd be over that part for sure by now, so what's up with that???) I actually did some things that made my husband very very happy. He said he guesses he'll claim me today! haha I helped him clean up around this house, actually even worked up a sweat. Now that we have our new furniture, we have some humungo pieces of furniture to dust. So I got that done. AND, get this. I am cooking!!! Yes, me, Barbie Whitehead. I have a Cindy Self Hashbrown Casserole in the oven and boy I can't wait til it comes out. YUMMY! Let's just hope it stays down.

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