Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things Are Not Much Better

I called the doctor yesterday when I couldn't stop being sick and they changed my nausea med to something called Zofran, which from what I read says it's for chemo patients. I hope this isn't their only relief from the nausea chemo causes becuase it doesn't offer much releif to me. But I think I might be having migranes which makes me sort of upset because my head has felt better than it has in years here lately. It's beginning to be a bit depressing. I've been at home two nights alone now because Sid has been out at the fair. We are closed tomorrow and Friday for the end of Fair Week and Sid and I are suppose to go out to the Fair Cabin and stay all day tomorrow. I hope I feel like it because I know he's sad going out there without me. Anywhoo, maybe things will be better as the weekend arrives. The new kids at the center will start on Monday and we are moving classes and such then, too, so I don't have a choice but to get better.

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