Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Baby

Is a shaker and a mover. He/She was moving all over the place today when we had our ultrasound. And we got to hear the heart beat. We got a good look at his/her head and all the features, the eyes and nose, the arms and hands, and legs. But none of the private parts. So we'll have to wait until week #20, the next ultra sound, to find out the gender. That's ok, we can wait. Well, we'll have to I guess. But I was AMAZED at how much flip-flopping that sucker is doing. I've been telling Sid I could feel it moving, but not really thinking that's what it was. Apparently it is! And then we heard the heart beat. Everything is looking good. They didn't really change the due date per say, but everything this time was measuring at around Jan. 13th, which would hit Maggie's original wedding date on the nose. Guess we'll see what happens in the end.

They put me on some medicine last Monday when I called to tell them how sick I was. So I've felt much better this week. But they said that some women get sicker instead of better and apparently that's what is happening in my case. Not good! But the good news is I've only been really nauseated one time and a little nauseated one other time since started the medicine so it does help.

Not much else going on. We are going to Alabama this weekend to see my baby girl, who I haven't seen since May....can you believe that???? I'm so ready to get my hands on her. haha!

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