Friday, July 25, 2008


Ok, so I have to admitt, I DID go home to spend time with Erin AND my baby sister before they both go back to school. I am very homesick for some reason right now. Maybe I want my Mama right now, too. I don't know but I am.

And I forgot to take my medicine yesterday that I'm suppose to be taking everyday to fight off the nausea and I've been throwing up ever since I got home last night. It could be nerves about the Praxis in the morning and worrying about how I will weather the fair that started today. The heat index is suppose to be 110 over here through the weekend and into next week. I don't do hot when I'm not pregnant, much less when I do fell like this. I don't think people understand just how uncomfortable I really am at this point. Either that or they don't care! But Sid and I have already discussed it and I don't have to go at all to the fair if I don't want to which does make me feel much much better. He's been so nice through all this.

I do miss my fam though! I miss everybody really!!

Oh, and Leslie and Chris are expecting #2!! She's due around March 5th. They haven't told Erin yet so if you should see them, don't ask Erin if she's excited. We are just now excepting that we'll love and take care of Aunt Bah's baby even if it is a boy! She's gonna let my baby sleep in her old baby bed, until she finds out she's getting a new baby too!

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