Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry for the Delay

But there hasn't really been anything exciting to blog about lately. Life is just normal. I haven't felt good this week, and thought that with the turn of trimesters I would begin to feel somewhat better. WRONG!!!! Hopefully better days are ahead and I don't mean to complain because I know my efforts will be fruitful in the end.

I suppose I should begin to tell you all about the Neshoba County Fair. It really isn't even something I can put into words for the inexperienced fair goer. But it's termed "Mississippi's Biggest House Party" when in fact it should be called "Mississippi's Biggest Porch Party".

So picture this, acres and acres of campers and cabins piled in on top of each other, with each person's porch on the front and back of their cabin touching the next person's porches. A huge horse race track with cabins circling it. A big midway with carnival rides and fair food booths. A big concert stage set up at the arena. Horse stables and barns. All of this in one HUGE location where the ENTIRE county moves from their houses for one whole week in July out to what they call the fair grounds. I've never seen anything like this in my life, nor do I expect you to unless you live here or visit me during the fair. Last year was my first fair and it was an experience, although I must say it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be.

Let me explain Sid's family's cabin, which belongs to his grandmother Williamson, NeNe's mother. It's two stories. Downstairs, you have the front and back porch, the kitchen, and the bathroom area. Upstairs you have one huge room with enough beds and bunk beds to sleep about 20 people. The whole family sleeps in this one huge room together. And from what I can tell, even though they all vary in size, this is the make-up of the majority of cabins.

It starts on Friday and ends the following Friday. There are varying entertainment events each night - the rodeo and concerts by big name people. Of course there is always the midway with the regular carnival rides and game booths that most of us are used to experiencing at the county fair. There are real horse and buggy races. The beauty pageant. The first Saturday is flea market day, which is the equivalent to Homestead Hollow for those of you at home. All kinds of things that I probably don't even know about.

I'll post events as they happen to sort of give you the feel because it's kind of unbelievable. But this year, we aren't spending the night out at the fair grounds, for many reasons. Mostly because I'm not sleeping good as it is and I know I won't sleep good out there. But I also have to take the Praxis the first Saturday of the fair and Sid and I both have to work. So we'll be out there to eat at night and visit, but we'll be making our way back to East Haven Drive when it's bedtime.

Sid's other grandparents have a camper that they've already put in so we've been out there visiting tonight. It's even unbelievable to me that people are out there staying like this is their vacation spot. To many people in Neshoba County this is their vacation. I'm used to beach condos and places in the mountains for vacation spots. NOT some big field with a bunch of old cabins and alot of people I don't know all visiting with one another. I'll know more people this year, but it's just not home if you aren't born and raised here. Maybe eventually it will feel like home to me, but I doubt it!!!

Visit the website for pictures and to read more about this year's fair. It's really something!
And actually I just noticed that if you'll scroll through the pics in the photo gallery you'll eventually see pic with a little of Sid's cabin in it. It's the pic that has the sign hanging up over the road that reads "Sunset Strip". On the left of the pic, you'll see a yellow cabin with a sign hanging from it's upper balcony that says "Happiness is a Posey Fair". Obviously that's not us. But then you'll see the cabin next to it with some people sitting on the porch. That's not us either and if you could read the sign you'd know it because it says "Ponala's Playhouse". The cabin next to it is cut out of the picture but the edge of the porch is there, with a yellow dump-truck toy sitting on the porch. That's the porch of Sid's family's cabin. But at least you get the idea of our the location of their cabin.

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