Sunday, July 27, 2008

Satruday Night at the Neshoba County Fair



Maggie and Bo showed up, unexpectedly, to go to the fair last night. And I was oh so excited. The funny thing is my husband worries me sometimes. To get into the fair you either buy a week long wrist band that costs $30.00 and you wear all week long or you can buy day pass wrist bands at $15.00 each. This year's wrist bands are white, which sort of make them look a bit like hospital bands, but anyway, Sid rigged up some "fake" wrist bands and that's Bo and Maggie sporting theirs. I really couldn't believe it worked. But with the $30 bucks they saved from not buying a wrist band, we visit the casino after leaving the fair last night.

The other picture is a just a random shot off the front porch of the fair cabin that I took last night.
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