Thursday, February 12, 2009


Those of you who know me well know that I can not stand to be wrong. I loathe it! But when I am wrong (or make a mistake) at least I'm not afraid to admit it. So I made a mistake and I want to clarify. Last night I was reading back over some old blog posts of mine and I had made the comment that I wished we lived closer to Erin and Andrew because Bailey and Andrew would grow up together and be the same age. I said that I didn't grow up near my cousins and I thought that would be neat. Well, Bailey WILL grow up around her cousins Mason and Brady. I just meant that she and Andrew would be in the same class and same age and "really" grow up together. But as I was reading back over that, I made it sound like Bailey had no family/cousins here and that is not true. In fact, I happen to think Sid's dad is one of the sweetest, nicest men I've ever met and he has Mason loving some tractors. Although I dread the day Bailey really wants to get on the tractor, I am glad that she will grow up a well-rounded little girl. Since she'll be around all boys here and her Daddy and Papppaw Whitehead hunt, I think she'll be a little like Will's girlfriend Lacey, who we all adore!

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Lacey Kay said...

AW Barbie! That is so sweet! I just love yall, I really wanna see that lil' tutu girl soon, she is really filling out.