Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Twilight Saga...and Other Stuff

Do you have any idea how hard it is to read 4 HUGE books with a 6 week old at home? VERY HARD!!! But Bailey is such a good baby and I probably would have gone crazy sitting at home this whole time without these books. They are sooo good! I'm about half way done with the 4th and last book and I'm ready to be at the end. Everything else has taken a back seat to these books, including my house and husband and I know he is ready for some attention. And I know my house is ready or some attention. But like I said, at least I did have something to pass a little time with since Bailey still can't get out much. If you haven't read these book, I recommend you do so. I know, I know, you say you don't want to read something about vampires. But I promise you, the vampire part is really the best part of the whole series. They are good vampires, not bad ones. So if you are a reader, give them a try.

Bailey has done really good in her bed. I must say that I failed last night and let her sleep with us. She always lays down with Sid and falls asleep and then I go get her and put her in her bed. But tonight, I just left her in our bed with Sid. And of course, she slept until about 3:30 when she got up for a quick bottle and went right back to sleep and slept til about 6:30. But she has done well in her own bed. She has been going to bed about 9:00 and waking up every 3 hours. Sometimes I try to get her to go back to sleep but most of the time she acts hungry. But she won't take but an ounce or two and she is right back asleep. So for the most part, I guess she is sleeping in her own bed, when I don't get selfish and let her sleep with us so we can get some sleep.

It is a beautiful weekend. The weather is so nice. Unfortunatly, Sid is working all feakin day. They had like 7 bodies at the funeral home this weekend. The Dixie National is in Jackson this weekend and they have what they call The Wagon Trail (i think that's the name of it). Anyway, it's large group of people who meet at the Fair Grounds and ride horses all the way to Jackson. They stop every night and camp out. Well, the first night out, which I think was Wednesday night, a couple from Philadelphia died in their sleep in their horse trailer from carbon monoxide posioning from their generator. They were in their mid 20's and left behind 3 children under the age of 5. It is so sad. So those two funerals are this afternoon and I'll be glad when they are over because Sid has had migranes worrying about it. I guess you can't do what he does and not be affected by it somehow, sometime.

We plan to get out of the house tomorrow and spend some time together as a family. We really haven't had Bailey out that much since she isn't supposed to be and it has been so cold. But with the weather being as pretty as it is this weekend, we are going to try.

Ok, I'm off to find out what's going on in my book and maybe get a little laundry and bottle washing done in between!

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