Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just A Few Pictures

I took these on Monday before we went to see Mrs. Felicia, the speech therapist. Bailey is doing so good with her feeding now. Basically all she really needs at this point is some pacing. But as far as sucking and swallowing and breathing, she's got it down pat. I am so very thankful that I knew where to go for help with this and even more thankful to Mrs. Felicia for loving my Bailey Girl, too, and wanting to help us. She looks so forward to Bailey coming and everyone at the rehab place (they have OT, PT, and speech all in the same facility) just ohh's and ahh's over her each time we go. The lighting was off and I tried to fix it so that's why the color is off.



This picture is a bit fuzzy because I was laying on the floor at eye level with Bailey and a little too close to get a good picture, but I took this during her "tummy time" tonight. She has always held her head up really good and not ever really needed a whole lot of support. I can put her on my shoulder and she'll hold her head up and just look at me and give me kisses. It's the sweetest thing. She doesn't really enjoy tummy time but I try to do it at least once a day. Look how good and high she has her head!


Be sure to check back on Valentine's Day! Miss Bailey has a special surprise!!!
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