Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day

It's offically the middle of the week and it seems like it should be the middle of the month because it's actually seemed like a really long week. I went to bed VERY early for me on Monday night because I had such a bad headache and then last night I had a meeting at church. I really haven't seen my Bailey girl too much this week and Mom says she thinks she missed me yesterday because she is sort of restless. I think I'll be ready to bring her to daycare with me when the time comes so I can check up on her. But she has had tons of fun with Mimi and I have never seen the baby girl smile like she does for my mother. She for sure doesn't smile like that for me or Sid.

We went to the pedi. on Monday and she does have some reflux so we started her on Zantac yesterday morning but I can't seem to tell a difference. I put some rice in all her bottles for today so we'll see if that helps to weigh it down some. We missed therapy yesterday becasue it was so cold and rainy and I still don't want her out much. If she could get out, then she'd be at daycare with me. haha! So that's why I'm thankful Mom is at home with her this week and Ne Ne will be there next week. So she can stay inside.....

Mom has apparently kept her busy because she has fallena asleep for the night around 9 this week and slept the whole night. This morning Sid had to wake her up at 6 to feed her before we left at 7. Mimi has definatly been busy working in our house. She has rearranged and cleaned and rearranged some more. Sid and I have to reward hre with some Casino time at some point. haha! For real, we, or I for sure, really appreciate what Mom has done this week. So thanks mom!!!

Oh yeah, she weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces Monday!!! Such a big girly girl!

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Val said...

she's growin'
Can you believe Jonathan G's new baby weighed almost 10 lbs 7 oz AT BIRTH!! whew! It took me years to my first one to weigh 20 lbs. Glad things are calming down, everything is falling into place. Hope you get plenty of sleep!