Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures As Promised

Shew! I need a new computer. The one we use at home is the one my dad got me when I first started on my master's degree. And boy was it put to good use those 2+ years. It has had a new hard drive in it's lifetime too and it's just getting so slow it's hard to do anything on it. Maybe that's what I should ask for for my birthday which, just so happens to be in, oh, say, 5 days!!

Anyway, I don't think these pictures really need any words to go with them. They are all from the fair over the weekend.

Yes, that's a bow in her hair, and yes, it looked really cute! Too bad that was the only day I could get one to stay in.

On the sleeping in my own big-girl bed (crib) front, Bailey has pretty much done a horrible job since the fair started. We thought by her staying up later she would crash at night when we got home, but for some reason this has made her more restless than ever. Last night she ended up in the bed with us and slept so bad that when she finally did go to sleep she slept til 8 this morning. But the problem is, she can't keep doing that because starting on Monday, we have to be gone from the house by 7:00 a.m. I don't know what we are going to do.

And in other news, who watched The Bachlorette Final last night? I did and I was so board and emotinall drained by the time it was over, I was pissed for thinking that I just haaddd to watch it. I mean, first there's poor Kipton who poured his undying love out to J, while national TV looked on. She shot him down and sent him on his way with his beautiful diamond. Then poor Reid shows back up, claiming to have had to pull a million strings, and I guess in the process of pulling all those strings he forgot to take his tennis shoes, white ones none the less, off and put on dress shoes AND tuck his shirt in. Again, J sent him packing with his pretty nice diamond and then enters Ed. Shew! I was like, come on already. And the end to a season long worth of TV shows just sort of ended. I'm anxious to see what happens tonight on the "After The Rose Ceremony" episode. And when it goes off, I'm swearing off that show forever and ever amen! Maybe....

We'll we're off to the fair in a little bit, after Bailey wakes up from her nap. I'll be sure and post more pictures of my little Boo just as soon as I can!!

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Kelly said...

I just had to write you to tell you that you should try Chicken Sphagetti ....it may look not good - but it is SO yummy!!! We are big on it in AR too.
And yes we have zaxby's and I love zaxby's sauce. Didn't realize that was the same thing as Fry sauce. Good to know!!!