Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Angel

I still have tons to post about the weekend that we had Bay Christened. But before the times get too far gone, I just had to share this picture. It is my VERY favorite of the ones that I took of Bay. But before I share it I have to tell the story behind this picture. I did not plan very well the morning of the service, because if so I would have gotten to the church way earlier than I did so that I could take pictures of us with Pappaw and some of Bay at church. But I did not. We got there at 10:30 and still had to dress her once we arrived. And Mom was a little later getting there so I had to dress her myself in that big long dress. I was just a teeny bit stressed. Well, then we got up to the front to take a family picture and one with Pappaw, but I think Pappaw got a teeny bit stressed because the choir was coming in and we were still up taking pictures. He wanted us to sit down and appropriately told us so. But right before we were going to sit down, Mom said to put her on the cushions on the alter. So I did but when I backed up to take my picture, there were several others right there trying to get pictures too. Namely, the grandmothers. So in a not so nice tone I informed them that if they would please back up I might could get some pictures of MY baby. And then I snapped this picture. So I sort of feel like her facial expression was a reaction to my commotion. But I got the picture I wanted to I guess mission accomplished. Since we are on the subject, sorry Mimi and Mammaw. I just wanted a picture of her on the alter before Pappaw really made us sit down. I think in the end we all ended up with pictures that we are happy with. I hope so anyway.

I mean, could things get any sweeter than this?????

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Jennifer said...

No, they could not get any sweeter!

I gave you an award on my blog today!