Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Girl

This was he doctor on Monday morning.  We ended up at urgent care on Sunday night after going to Tuscaloosa to meet mom and dad for lunch, which was GREAT!  Anyway, I noticed she felt warm and then mom commented about it.  She had a yeast infection that I let get really really bad bt I kept insisting to the urgent care doc that something else was going on.  He took some blood and her white count was 17,000.  Not good at all.  He gave her a shot and something to treat the yeast infection with and told us to follow up with her pediatrician on Monday morning. 

We did and that's her in that picture at the top BEFORE all hell broke loose.  Because they were going to need some blood anyway for the white count check, usually a finger stick, they thought they would just go ahead and draw some tubes of blood to do allergy testing.  Well, let me tell you how that didn't!  The lab tech tried to get it twice in two different places and couldn't.  I remembered that Dr. Carron has always said she is a hard stick and they usually have to find her veins with dobbler ultrasound thingy.  So the lab tech was gracious and didn't keep trying.  But after that, she still had to stick her finger.  From that finger stick we learned that instead of her white count getting better from the shot at urgent care, it had actually gone up. So, she also had to get a shot.  My arms are literally still sore from all the holding down that took place on Monday. 

So, on Tuesday, Nene stayed with her in the morning time and Sid got her at lunch.  Nene went on and carried her back for the recheck and her count had come down to 14,000.  Still not normal, but better.  We don't have to take her back unless we feel she needs to go back and she's on an oral antibiotic for the remaining high count. 

Her yeast infection area didn't look much better yesterday to me at all, even after 24 hours of all the stuff we were doing to make it better.  Let me tell you, whoever comes up with these things for babies and toddlers must not have any children of their own at home.  Here are the things we have been told and done since Saturday when I first realized she had a yeast infection and called the on-call nurse.

1.  On call nurse - told me to give her a bath with baking soda in the tub FOUR TIMES A DAY for TWENTY MINS EACH!!!!  Ummm, hello.  It was already after lunch when she said this to me and I was like, well ok, I can do that for now, but Monday that won't work.  She goes to daycare.  And she told me to put over the counter Lotrimin on it.  Ummm, hello.  I thought Lotrimmin was for athlete's foot.  So, I rounded up some Nystatin cream and proceeded on about my business.

2.  The urgent care doctor - Decided she needed Nystatin powder instead of cream to keep it drier.  But, it was after 6 and I knew it there was no pharmacy open after 6 on Sunday in Philadelphia.  So I asked if we should just use some baby powder or something until we get it filled.  His response???  Just use the cream and leave her diaper off.  "It's fine if she urinates on herself, at least he bottom will be dry."  Are you kidding me?  I wanted to say sir, do you have children, because if you do then clearly you would know this is not a viable option to leave a diaper off of my 18 month old for any amount of time. 

3. The pediatrician - I really hate to poke fun of this because it has worked.  But she wrote a persciption for something called Burrow's Solution.  It is over the counter and comes in pre-measured packets that you mix with 16 oz of water.  You then soak a rag in this 16 oz solution and leave it on the area of 30 minutes.  Again, what???  How do you leave a rag on an 18 month old in any area, much less THAT area, for 30 minutes.  I did find a way to get her diaper on over that big 16 oz soaked rag.  It smells like vinegar, but it has worked.  I have pictures of this big ole diaper but the computer isn't letting me upload right now. 

Anyway, it's now Wednesday.  She spent the night with Nene last night and was so funny going out the door.  I told her to give us bye love and she kissed me, kissed her daddy and then off she went.  She even told her Daddy no no when was going out the door with him.  She did not want to ruin any chance at all of going with her Mammaw.  She hasn't fun any fever and her yeast infection area looks much much better.  I was beginning to get a bit worried about that.  But she still has that rash they keep calling a viral rash that never really went away from the last time she had strep throat.  So I don't know what's up with that. 

Because of the heat and her yeast infection she isn't going back to daycare for awhile.  Tomorrow she gets to stay with a girl named Hailey that she's never met before, but Sid has known since she was born.  She's in college and her dad is Sid's best friend.  She's home for the summer so she's coming to meet Miss Bailey tonight and hopefully Bailey won't wear her out too much tomorrow.  I'm soooooo very thankful that Sid has a job where he can come home and stay with her and that Nene has a job where she can be off if we need her.  But sometimes things are going on and we have no other options.  We did have a sweet lady who would come some, but her boys are now out of school and they are waiting on the phone call to go to China and get their daughter they are adopting.  I sure didn't want to expose that household to germs. 

I have pictures of all this verbage that I'll try to post tonight if I can get them uploaded.  Two more days and I'll be at home with my sweet girl for 5 whole weeks.  More on that later, too!

PS:  I know I have mistakes, but blogger isn't letting me go back and fix those either. Oh well! Happy reading!

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Heather said...

I hope she heals quickly and completely! What a tough time!