Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Were Beach Bound

To a place where the amenities were over-flowing!

And now we're not!

We were headed to this beautiful beach front condo for 5 glorious nights over July 4th!

But now we're not!

It was even complete with a cool zero-entry kiddie pool.  Just right up Bay's alley!

But it won't be this summer, after all.

I think I should sue BP for ripping our first vacation as a family right out from under us.  But that wouldn't do any good.  It is what it is.  And what it is right now is a vacation spot with a warning attached to it about people with breathing and respiratory issues.  I don't talk about this much anymore because it's our normal, but Bailey continues to get 2, sometimes 3, medicines each morning, and one each night to keep her breathing problems at bay.  We still have a chronic cough and a sound as if she's breathing over something in certain positions.  I researched this well and determined on my own that the warning was issued after people working directly on the oil slick where they were burning the oil became ill.  It was not a warning issued after people on the beach became ill.  Because people on the beach are not becoming ill.  The EPA is testing the air quality daily in Pensacola and as of right now, the air quality is normal for this time of year.  There is, however, an odor that can cause headaches and such, but there is nothing harmful in the air that one could breath in.  Still, I consulted her pulmonologist and ENT.  I haven't gotten the official word from the pulmonologist yet, but the ENT advised we use extreme caution if we were to go. 

We just can't risk it.  As much as I want to spend time at the beach with my sweet family soaking up some rays and having fun in the water, it's a time in the life of both Sid and me were we have to put Bailey first.  So we did and I just officially cancelled the trip.  I cried this morning because it isn't fair and BP ought to be ashamed of themselves.  But, all we lost was a 5 night vacation at my most favorite place on Earth.  Many more have lost their lively hoods and some have even lost loved ones through this terrible ordeal.  I saw on Good Morning America the other morning where an Oyster House in New Orleans shut it's door last week after being open something like 110 years.  That's just sad.

The sweet lady we were renting from  said she would start booking again in February for next summer and you better believe I'll be the first one to call her!!!!  Now if we could just think of somewhere else to go for a summer vacation in the 110 degree heat that doesn't include beaches and pools.  I think I'll stick to EH Drive, Philly and Nana and Pop's pool down the road!!!!

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